Friendship of Nations: Russia voted for Ukraine, and Ukraine – for us

Дружба народов: Россия голосовала за Украину, а Украина - за нас

Russian celebrities have spoken out about the performance of Sergey Lazarev in the contest “Eurovision 2016”.

The vote on “Eurovision 2016” was very intense. Bookmakers, music critics and the world’s media predicted Sergey Lazarev first place, but he finished third. But many have long been confident in the victory of our artist. What a strong room, the song… Philip Himself has invested his heart and soul into the competition this year. Before the finale the king of Russian pop music admitted that I have not experienced such strong emotions, even though the contest gave 20 years of his life.

In the end, the first was Ukraine, the second is Australia. And it’s only after the audience vote! The professional jury has put our country on the fifth place ranking after Malta, France, Ukraine and Australia.

“Friends, we did everything we could – with a smile Lazarev told reporters after the announcement of the results. And then he added: – Thank you for your support. Third place is very good. I am very happy and felt everyone who was worried and cheered for me. I have no words, because it was very nervous. But I am very grateful to you.”

The voices of the audience of Europe was given to understand that the political component is still present at the competition, because the opinions of ordinary viewers and the professional jury at the root parted. Ordinary people are put in the first place Sergey Lazarev, but the jury decided otherwise.

On the eve of the competition from the Ukrainian side were unpleasant statement that they will withdraw the candidacy in next year, if the victory of our Sergei. It’s nice that the people of our country, and Ukraine does not adhere to the imposed prejudice and aggression. Surprisingly, the audience in Russia voted for Ukraine giving 10 points , and they in turn gave the majority of us, 12 points.

Even before polufinala Russia highly assessed the chances of winning singer Jamala, which was represented at the competition Ukraine. Well-known journalist and music critic from Russia Artur Gasparyan said that the room and the vocals of the participant – the best that I saw today “Eurovision”.

When there was a vote it was not clear how to vote the audience, and only then, on the Eurovision website has published the results of the voting viewers. Broadcast presenters announced only the total score. We will remind that this year changed the system of evaluation of performances: 50 percent of votes gave national jury, 50 percent of viewers.

Oskar Kuchera, who was in the jury of Russia at “Eurovision” commented on the votes of other countries, deciding to tell it like it is.

“Eurovision…Let’s be honest, that is called word of mouth; not one grandmother said, and I was in the jury of this contest. And so: in my opinion, and I tried according to your taste, the room made from and to with the song, which can sound in the air, was only Lazarus.

In the second position in my chart was Armenia. The beautiful gentleman with a hit, but without a number, Austalia have not caught on, but it’s private and so on…

Now about Ukraine: Jamala is a fantastic singer and I don’t care what it is people. It honestly. Moreover, when I estimated it, I didn’t care what she is singing. It was important for me everything that relates to creativity: song, feed, room, appearance…

The song is mournful, without the expressed song you remember even the second time is simply impossible. Crying Yaroslavna. The flow and vocal gorgeous. Appearance wonderful. But the room… not at all. Came, sang and left. It may probably be so, but certainly not on Eurovision. So when you will have something to say about the politicization of our jury, you will remember that it was me. And you know me. I do not care for ranks or titles. I am for business. But most of all I find it strange that the international jury have voted for Australia, the Audience for Russia, but Ukraine has won. It tryndets comrades. It’s disgusting. But most of all pleased that the People-the People of Ukraine voted for Russia. People are not fooled. And it’s worth more than money”.

Yet the friendship of the peoples there, and the music prevailed, though not officially. This is the opinion of the majority of Russian celebrities who are rooting for Sergei, in the Studio “live” with Boris Korchevnikov. After the announcement no one could hold back the violent emotions and even some tears.

“I until the last moment cherished the hope that no politics at the competition will not. I told myself that the quality of the singing, the quality of the product, the ability to keep yourself win policy. Unfortunately not. Funny to say, but Angelica had predicted all the results a week ago. She guessed all, I don’t know how. It should be noted that Sergey Lazarev is a great man that congratulated Jamal on the victory. The girl is very talented and brilliantly acted, but Serge Lazarev better,” – said Otar Kushanashvili.

“I do not want to talk about politics, to such an extent everything is obvious and clear that that’s true, it is not necessary, – says Nonna Grishaeva. – I want to say about Sergei, he’s so hard on yourself, prepared. I am very pleased with the trend of the last two years, which takes place at the “Evrovidenie”. From Russia go not just singers, and professional dramatic artists. Polina Gagarin and Sergei and such are”.

Singer Ani Lorak also not remained aloof and tried to maintain a kind word ward Philip Kirkorov.

“Third place is a great result. Although, of course, I really wanted to I won first place. He deserved this victory like no other. We have known each other almost since childhood, played together in the program “Morning star”, I know what he is a slogger. Miracles do not happen, it to the three minute success was my whole life. And it was a phenomenal, bright, objective best. I do not doubt that it will. After all, with Sergei worked as a great team of professionals headed by the godfather of my daughter Philip Kirkorov. I, like Sergei, a room for “Eurovision” in 2008 put Fokas Evangelinos know how he is demanding, he is not looking for easy ways. I remember after my presentation, everyone said, “You fluttered around the stage like a butterfly.” And only I know how many hours of training has cost me this ease. And I know what Sergei was rehearsing, honing their speech – 8-9 hours / day! Because the Fokas says: if a person has talent, ability, they need to be able to show in the most advantageous light, like the diamond – cut to give. Here Sergei and showed himself one hundred percent. But competitors this year were serious. If we evaluate only the voice, Jamala, my compatriot, he is very strong. And I’m glad its victory. For me, Russia and Ukraine – as brother and sister, so I’m pleased to win – and both in the top three of each of them.”

We will remind that from the very beginning Sergey Lazarev was among the favorites, his song was warmly received by European critics, in iTunes it even before the start of the contest firmly entrenched on the first positions, but after Lazarev showed my number in the first semi-final in Stockholm, he became the most talked about party this year.

But Ukraine was not in the shade. Let’s not be like voting in the first round of the jury and discard everything except the speech of Jamala. It was strong. Memorable. The singer’s vocals and the room definitely left a mark. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that it was in the top.

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