Cord promised to go to Eurovision next year

Шнур пообещал поехать на Евровидение в будущем году

But be warned, that will swear, and for starters was given a passage about the presence of evil forces in this music competition.

The first idea to send his to the Eurovision song contest has made numerous fans of the St. Petersburg-based musicians. But then their proposal was supported by the leadership of our country, and at the highest level.

A major fan of his unexpectedly Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who posted a “tweet” (the authenticity of this account is confirmed officially) portrait of a musician with the caption: “Win will not win, but somewhere all of them will send”.

Sergei Rogozin, the idea obviously liked, and he immediately said the Deputy Prime Minister on his page in Instagram. My trip to Eurovision Cord compared with fantastic journey “in a terrible European Kingdom” and noted that “Russian people, like a fairytale hero, addresses him, that is to the Cord, as evil spirits of a lower order together to defeat absolute evil fairy in his fabulous lair”.

When this musician is surprising that, of the 140 million citizens of our country only one person can send the jury at the “known address”, so you care about what Rogozin.

So now his fans have no doubt that he would go to Eurovision, and actively wish him “Leningrad” won the competition.

While officially his candidacy while no one argued, and too early to do it: after all, the next time the Eurovision song contest will be held in Ukraine in may 2017.

While it is known that the venue of the next competition will be one of three Ukrainian cities: Lviv, Kiev or Odessa. This was already announced who won this year, Ukrainian singer Jamala.

Recall that our Sergey Lazarev became the undisputed leader of the audience voting, but taking into account the votes of the professional jury, it got only the third place.

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