Friendship has won: “sisters” remain in the “Voice”

Победила дружба: «сестрички» остаются в «Голосе»

Another battle in the show ended with a double victory.

In today’s issue showed one of the most beautiful rooms that put Polina Gagarina for the participants of his team Tatyana Shamanina and Louise Imangulova. Together, the singer performed the song “Sister”.

“Tanya and Louise Shamanina Imangulova almost immediately introduced themselves to me together, – said Polina with Woman’s Day. And indeed, in the process, we realized that we have a harmonious collaboration, an absolutely amazing, complex and beautiful mashup, a room that reveals a vocal, magic and shock”.

In this game all was perfect: the vocals, the music, the costumes and even the hairstyles of the singers. Girls prepared as if this room depended on their lives.

“The idea with the Sister, honestly, was born before we were divided into duets, – Tatyana admitted to Woman’s Day. – Louise, we immediately found a common language, and started to work as a team very quickly, step by step, lined up a compilation of three completely different works. We combined an arrangement of a song Daniel Merriweather Change song Maxim Fadeev “Sister” and the fragment from the Russian folk song “Went young” one of our favorite bands Zventa Sventana. We wanted it to be, first and foremost, beautiful artistic room, not just a match. Therefore, we particularly paid attention to the scenic image: I wanted to be both similar to each other, and at the same time different! The perfect solution was a dress of my close friend, designer Dima Neu. And my Mohawk and the crown of flowers and thorns for Louisa made specially to our speech, Mr. Raos. The guys never left us the whole day – was afraid for the delicate designs on our heads!”.

Such a serious approach girls room met expectations. And Tatiana and Louise are left in the project!