Lolita undermined his health due to the wife

Лолита Милявская подорвала здоровье из-за супруга The artist complained of the appearance of problems with the ligaments. Because strong feelings for her husband, who came under the influence of “sects”, the singer is pretty hard, and it can not affect her health.

      Lolita admitted that she began to have serious health problems immediately after it became known that her husband Dmitry Ivanov was under the influence of an organization that, according to General information, training of personal growth. The actress said that her ligament is always down when she is experiencing severe emotional distress. Celebrity is not able to cope with them, so during performances enlists the help of medications. Otherwise, it may lead to the collapse of the concert and the deterioration of health.

      Performer much value their voice and afraid of losing him, because she is afraid that in this case, her career will come to an end. So she decided to live for a while with her husband in their home in Bulgaria. The actress hopes that she will be able to treat ligament, to restore health. And, most importantly, the singer wants to save a loved one from the influence of questionable community, in which he was.

      Lolita tries to save the wife from the influence of the sect

      “My voice always gets when I’m nervous. Two shows worked on adrenaline infusions. Can’t help it!”, commented the singer his condition.

      Recall that some time ago the Lolita said in the press that her husband became a member of the “sect” that hypnotized him and manipulated now. The singer said that suspected something was wrong at the very moment when he was in the tour. Instead of the usual words of love and affection on the phone. Dmitry Ivanov was almost not released on bond, and when the actress returned home, she met no one. Although she said that her husband always carefully prepared for her arrival. But soon it turned out that Dmitry gave the community more than 60 thousand rubles for five days. Lolita noticed that he always talks with someone. Ivanov himself told Milavskaya that the so-called courses they are forced to wear lingerie, to deprive themselves of communication with relatives and to be less spineless.

      From experiences for lubimogo man celebrity has undermined not only the health, but also relationships with peers. It turned out that the probable member of this community could be the singer Irakli Pirtshalava. He lashed out with accusations against the women, saying that this organization is not a sect, since he is a believer and would not allow something like that. It hurt that instead of figuring out all of them personally, Lolita has shared her suspicions with the media.

      Anyway,currently, Lolita hopes that she will be able to return spouse to his former life and recover itself. It is worth noting that in “the sect”, where was Dmitry Ivanov, has begun checking a Russian politician Elena Mizulina has supported famous ispolnitelnitsa, put forward in the state Duma the proposal on the suppression of questionable organizations involving hundreds of people. Irakli Pirchalava injured word Lolita