Friends Stella Baranovskaya can’t deal with her death

Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью The actress, who for a long period of time struggled with cancer, died Monday, September 4. Anfisa Chekhov, Lera Kudryavtseva, Lama Safonova and others say goodbye to Stella Baranovskaya and wish her to rest in peace.
Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью

Monday, September 4, lawyer Kate Gordon reported that actress Stella Baranovskaya. Young woman for a long time was struggling with a serious oncological disease – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Zara, Anfisa Chekhov, Lera Kudryavtseva and tried to help a friend, but their efforts were in vain. In an attempt to alleviate their condition Stella abandoned the traditional method of treatment. Baranovskaya thought he was not going in her favor.

Stella Baranovskaya died after a long battle with cancer

Social media users expressed condolences to the family and friends of Stella. Many of them cannot believe in the sudden death of the actress spiteful critics suspected in the desire to cash in on compassionate people. Friends Baranovskaya tried to support her in difficult times and protected from the cruel accusations.

“My beautiful little girl! Which is so like love and to make her understand… Wanted to go their own way and meet it support! Which so many have fought and desperately believed in miracles. And in people — That it has failed. Thank you for everything you taught me! Thank you for the love you gave. When the heart a lot, the words get stuck in my throat… Blamed myself that I didn’t have time last time to tell you that I love you. But you know, tiny, we’re sure to meet! Until the next life, my dear girl! I’m sorry I couldn’t give everything I could. You have a good flight, my angel,” – said Anfisa Chekhov in Instagram.
Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью

Spouse Anfisa Chekhova Guram bablishvili wrote that saddened with the death of Stella Baranovskaya. The man released one of the last calls actress, when she could no longer walk. It Stella thanked loved ones and saying goodbye to them.

“My family… just the three of Us, but you have me as strong… Thanks to my friends who are still around. Anfisa, Kate, Annie, where would I be without you… Dad and mom, I forgive you for everything and forgive me. God will judge, I thank you for giving me precious life. Let you go at all. I have no hard feelings. I just accepted that everyone has their own way and not everyone is able to love. May God grant you health and happiness. Me now incredibly hard, painful and difficult. My feet no longer go, but my heart is still beating…” — quoted spouse is leading one of the last posts of Stella in Instagram.

The man also turned to Stella Baranovskaya and wished her to rest in peace.

“You loved life you want to live… in a different world Now, now on other planets. Fly in peace, little girl Stella. Condolences to your loved ones. First son and grandmother”, — shared the leading spouse.

Lera Kudryavtseva also said goodbye to Stella Baranovskaya in social networks. “Did not the most beautiful, kind, gentle girl. I can’t believe and find the right words. You suffered and suffered, how many tests have you fallen on your fragile soul,” – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

Simona Yunusova, mother of rapper Timati was personally familiar with the actress. “Only 30, but what a bright and love-filled life! I learned from you, girl, wisdom, patience and devotion. You could see the beauty and enjoy simple things… Rest in peace, good soldier… In my heart will always have a place for your purple heart. You know what I mean,” said the woman.

Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью

Singer Zara has joined many expressions of sympathy the family and friends of Stella Baranovskaya. According to the singer, she learned about the death of a friend was one of the first, but couldn’t gather my thoughts and write about what happened.

“The last few days I was beside her and tried to do everything to ease her suffering. Son of Stella, the Child, lived in my family. Wonderful, kind, a little rowdy, a very loving mother. We went to children’s stores, where he chose a toy and stickers with the image of a butterfly, saying that they will love mom. We told him nothing yet talking. It’s so small. Today, Dani’s great-grandmother took it. The heart is the injustice of life. Stella really was like a butterfly – beautiful, fragile, kind, vulnerable… I hope that her suffering finally ended. And the Child we care. Fly, mother,” shared the star.

Singer Maria MIA reported that Stella Baranovskaya was her example. A young woman who herself had faced a serious illness, understand an actress like no other. Despite the fact that at some point the disease Stella stepped back, then again she wasn’t feeling well. The last days Baranovskaya couldn’t get out of bed.

Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью“A year ago, when you did not know about his diagnosis, I saw a post of this lovely and strong girls. She was sick with cancer… I admired and admire still. It was terrible to know that I was ill with cancer. And today I found out that she was gone… she had a complete remission, but the cancer returned and took her away. I hurt so much,” – said Maria.
Друзья Стеллы Барановской не могут смириться с ее смертью

Lama Safonova, which, like Stella, told her story in the program “live” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi, learned the sad news from the editor of the First channel. The singer recalled that she was the victim of cruel bullying. At the time, Baranovskaya, which was accused of greed and the desire to “appear” at a serious ailment, stood up for Safonov. Then Lama threatened rejected her oligarch.

“Today this girl who came to live to intercede for me, was gone… She died in the process of rehabilitation. I can’t find words, tears in their eyes… Stellochka, bold open man, may you in heaven be easy and light… the Kingdom of heaven to you… Thank you… You were such a bright, beautiful… She did not want to put the documents on his illness. Cancer is the hardest mountain. Not everyone is willing to let people get a grasp of these terrible letters…She always wanted to look at photos of healthy and happy. Everyone has their own way. And it was her right. Rest in peace,” said Lama.