The husband of Tatyana Larina ran off with the divorce process

Супруг Татьяны Лариной сбежал с бракоразводного процесса On the last day of August of the mystic star channel TV-3 “Diary of psychic” was to dissolve the marriage, but Julius Mitkevich-dalecki suddenly changed his mind. A man puzzled by his former lover, who intends to go to the end.
Супруг Татьяны Лариной сбежал с бракоразводного процесса

Curiosity ended the official procedure of divorce between star channel TV-3 “Diary of psychic” Tatiana Larina and her lover, psychic Julius Mydevice-Dalecki. The divorce was to take place on August 31 in the Central Registrar of Saint-Petersburg on the initiative of Larina. Dalecki arrived at the designated place at the appointed time, but suddenly changed her mind and rushed to escape.

Employees of the state authority has remained only to shrug and accept the divorce procedure failed. On the page in one of social networks there was a post in which pairs of friends were quick to tell me what happened.

“I heard that from the wedding run away, but to divorce to escape… scored one of the infamous comrade on the set of notorious reality. Personally, for myself, concluded – the best way to show a woman that you love her – call a divorce and run away with him. By the way, I remember a joke by an American comedian: “Marriage never ends well, it is doomed by definition. Even if you are the happiest couple in the world and lived in love and happiness, 100 years later still one of you will die, and the second will suffer the rest of your life,” – said surrounded by a couple.
Супруг Татьяны Лариной сбежал с бракоразводного процесса

However, Tatiana Larina is not going to give up. The woman is going to seek dissolution of marriage.

“So he’s just trying to complicate my life!” – convinced psychic.

After consulting with a lawyer, Larina, decided to divorce unilaterally, by filing an application in the magistrate’s court. In her case it is possible, as Tatiana and Julia no children and joint property. The case at the request of women will consider during the month.

Earlier Tatyana Larina got in touch with the fans and answered their questions. The psychic said that he has no plans to talk about the causes of divorce, but plans to do so in the future. “You know, in Soviet times there was a COP that did not get along. Here let is be so,” she said.

The woman also said that the visit to the registry office chose the clothes black. “I’m burying my old life. That is, I have it divided into “before” and “after”. (…) I can’t say that I am very upset. No matter what anyone wanted, everyone would still get a divorce. Love for life does not exist…” – explained Larina.