Diana Shurygina was threatened with libel

Диане Шурыгиной пригрозили судом за клевету A native of Ulyanovsk, whose story learned the whole country after the broadcast “Let them talk”, met with the parents of Sergey Semenova and Alexander Rohlin. Diana Shurygina continues to insist on his innocence. Experts found out lie if the girl, remembering the events of the fateful night.
Диане Шурыгиной пригрозили судом за клевету

On Monday in the program “In fact,” the infamous 18-year-old Diana Shurygina remembered her story and was first tested on a polygraph. Girl continues to insist on the guilt of Sergei Semenov, who is serving time in prison. The young man’s mother Olga also appeared in the Studio. By the way, the heroine of the previous release of the talk show was the sister of Catherine arestanta.

Diana Shurygina was brought to tears on a lie detector

Conversing with Soriginal, the polygraph has learned that in the night she was raped, the girl kissed by Sergey Semenov. “It could be a call and a prelude,” said Sabina Pantus. His mother Olga is trying to deal with the situation. The woman does not doubt the veracity of his son.

Диане Шурыгиной пригрозили судом за клевету

Listening to the version of the opposite side, Shurygina sometimes extremely emotionally reacted. In the transmission we are talking about the fact that the family of Diana could blackmail relatives of Sergey. The girl threw a tantrum.

“Yes, actually great, that’s awesome. And Semenov have a Saint? Why only me groan? I now defended himself and his family. Sergey have a Saint, he did not drink and have not smoked, was a virgin, a priest wanted to be,” said Diana in a raised voice.
Диане Шурыгиной пригрозили судом за клевету

Diana confessed that the father pushed her in the car, taking the party. “This was the only thing. I don’t remember if I hit at the moment,” said the girl. “That is what you were saying before in other programs, was a lie?” the expert said Roman Ustyuzhanin that the heroine of this program replied in the affirmative. Earlier it was reported that the parent did not raise her hand.

The other heroine of the program was Elena Uvarova, Alexander’s mother Rokhlina, who was also present on that fateful evening, together with friends and tried to join Diana and Shurygino in an intimate relationship. According to the girl, she asked the guy to leave and he didn’t argue. In Alexander’s actions have not found crime structure, and it is now on the loose.

Parent Ruhlin believes that it was not quite so, says Diana. “Aren’t you afraid that we’ll sue lugones?” – she threatened the native of Ulyanovsk. According to Elena Shurygina kissed her son. However the girl are unable to remember this episode and cried. “Maybe Yes,” said she. Presenter Dmitry Shepelev noticed that Alexander’s mother Ruhlin aggressive against another character transmission.

“Too much trouble caused. So many lives messed up kid,” explained Uvarov.

However, the mother Ruhlin recognizes that her heir could take advantage of the helpless state of Shurygino. “Diana in everything and don’t blame. Is the fault of the boys that were there… My son has been disrespectful,” the woman explained to the examiner Sabina Pantus.

Sergey Semenov: “My biggest wish is just to go down the street”

In the final talk show Diana Shurygina said that Sergey Semenov she was indeed raped. Experts said that the girl is not lying. “It’s absolutely true,” stated Roman Ustyuzhanin.