Friends save Olga Buzova from heartache

Друзья спасают Ольгу Бузову от душевной боли The presenter went on a journey with a friend. Olga Buzova thanked their loved ones for support. Fans still can’t believe that her disagreement with her husband Dmitry Tarasov was delayed so long.

      For two weeks the fans of the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer worried about the family life of your cat and discuss possible options for the cause of the quarrel the pair. They dream that the couple soon reconciled and their relationship again reigned harmony and peace. However, while Dmitry tries to solve some problems in Moscow, his wife went on holiday to Spain in the company of his girlfriend. Dmitri Tarasov sued after an accident

      Buzova having a great time with his friend and thanked her for the wonderful trip.

      “My life. Marina Kasaeva, I thank you for everything. There are no words to describe my gratitude to you. Love you!” – wrote Olga in the microblog.

      Apparently, journey together helped a friend Buzova to look at many things in my life differently. Marina said that the television host is very upset. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      “I love you! You have no idea! Your pain makes me stronger! Thank you, dear! I understand so much and overestimated!” – answered in the comments a friend of Olga.

      Fans were quick to console the leading “House-2”. They hope that Buzova and Tarasov will be able to overcome the crisis and make peace. “Olya, I wish you happiness and succeed even more than you have! The enemies you were jealous, and all the others proud! You are an example to follow, and not just for me! Look at you, and find the strength to go on, even when it seems they are not! I sincerely wish you happiness, joy, success, and may your house never comes the trouble. God bless you and your family”, “Ol, I don’t know what happened with her husband, but whatever it is, you’re a woman, a homemaker, be forgiving, and make peace has finally. I believe and see that you have true love, which can be found once in a lifetime. Don’t regret it later about anything,” he wrote to fans.

      In Spain Olga and her friend Marina was visiting a married couple that lives together for over 60 years. Thanks to them, Buzova believe in true love. Lately she is trying to convey their feelings through poetry. She chooses poems by various authors and quoted them in his microblog.

      Life will put everything in places
      She will punish and judge,
      For not then, not there,
      We were by fate.
      Not with those not then agreed,
      In the side watching,
      Not been evaluated by life
      I not said what I wanted…
      Was looking for something a mile away,
      Not seeing what is beside us,
      Not hearing words, what we call
      Not seeing the views.
      Not one met the plane,
      And waited on the wrong platform
      The pier we were looking for is not the one
      Route we didn’t know the number.
      Though strict at times fate
      We are not going to lose smile
      Life will put everything in place
      Forgiven, perhaps, for the mistakes!