Thinner Gleb Zhemchugov is in a new relationship

Похудевший Глеб Жемчугов завел новые отношения Party “House-2” caring for 20-year-old beauty. Marina Afrikantov told about the new hobby Zhemchugova, laying out a joint frame with the man taken at a costume party.

      Some time ago, the viewers of the reality show “Dom-2” have discussed the breakup Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugova. Winning the contest “man of the year” the woman left the project, rented an apartment, where he settled with his son. The man did not dare to leave the telestroke and started looking for a new relationship in the Meadow. Marina Afrikantov said that Hleb is seeking attention 20-year member of the reality show, which is now in the Seychelles.

      “Gleb’s such a funny Cossack. Caring for Polygalova that on the Islands, and shines like the sun. Going with her to participate in the competition “Wedding in a million” and fly to the Islands. Is the Wind not reconciled, what do you think?” – posted by Marina on his page, posting a picture with Zhemchugova in costume.

      Subscribers Africanoboi felt that in this situation there is nothing funny, as Olga is now one has a son. “What’s so funny, when families crumble, and children without a father left,” “I really want them reconciled. I’m Olya understand sometimes,” “He is just such and fit, she deserves better”, “Suffer long. A day later and have forgotten everything. No matter how much he tears and promised not to flirt with girls-the essence still can not hide”, – wrote the user’s social network.

      Elizabeth Polygalova – 20-year-old participant of the reality show. In the beginning of the month, the audience discussed its possible relationship with Andrei Cherkasov, whom she met in the Meadow. Despite the fact that the man does not participate in the project, he is often on the set, as his appointed mentor. Yet striking blonde spends time on the island, where surprising singles of the new season. Outside the project, she worked as a dancer, go-go, so knows how to surprise men. “To lose weight, you need to create a caloric deficit. To do this, you need to calculate the energy demand” – gives advice for Elizabeth.

      In turn, Hleb yet says nothing about his plans. Many viewers are surprised that a man so quickly decided on a new relationship, as he recently suffered at Olga Wind and begged her to come back. However, the ex-participant reality show is not going to renew the relationship with Gleb. The woman is engaged in furnishing the apartment and making repairs.