Friends Pelagia and Telegina told who you look like their daughter

Друзья Пелагеи и Телегина рассказали, на кого похожа их дочь The singer and the hockey player became parents about two weeks ago. Friends and colleagues of the athlete first congratulated the couple with a replenishment of the family. Ivan Telegin personally reported the birth of the heiress and shared with the teammates some details.

      Друзья Пелагеи и Телегина рассказали, на кого похожа их дочь

      Pelageya first became a mother about two weeks ago. According to some sources, the singer gave birth in a suburban hospital “Mother and child”. The baby was named Taisia. Happy the girl’s father could not hold back the joy, so after “the Match of all stars KHL” he told reporters on the new addition to the family.

      As reported by CSKA player, teammates gave him the doll, as well as the first congratulated on the birth of a female heir. The players shared that Telegin has told them some details about Taisia.

      “We have known each other since Junior team. I congratulated Vanya that he became Pope. And he said that the girl was born tall and handsome!” – said the defender “Salavat Yulaev” Zakhar Arzamastsev.

      Of a friend from Pelageya confirm that she carefully prepared for motherhood: reading books about children who watched the video lessons of Dr. Komarovsky, and also attended special courses before birth. Recently ex-mentor show “the Voice” communicated mostly with the wives of other players. They gave schastlivoy first couple necessary things for the baby.

      “The fields are not superstitious, we gave gifts for the baby, so as not to disturb it in the first month, when trouble and so lacking,” said the wives of the players of the hockey club.

      Many companies that sell products for children, also sent the artist the most necessary things: pacifiers, bottles, diapers and undershirts.

      After learning about the pregnancy, Pelagia decided not to overwork himself, so he suspended his concert activity and resigned from the jury of the show “the Voice.” Apparently, the young woman decided to devote herself to raising her daughter. According to many acquaintances of the actress, she’d make a great mother.

      As reported by the girlfriend of the singer “TV show”, she decided not to use the services of a nanny, as it believes that in difficult situations will help her mother Svetlana. The woman was trying to protect her daughter and future granddaughter of unnecessary attention from the public for nine months. Mother Pelageya has commented on the rumors about her birth

      According to some, Telegin already took wife and baby from the hospital. Especially for this the management of the hockey club allowed the player to take part in the next check out. The couple plans to live with Taisiya in the suburbs, away from the bustle of the capital.