The TV series “lost” is back on the small screens

Сериал «Остаться в живых» может вернуться на малые экраны

In the world of film is something incomprehensible. It seems that soon there will not remain projects, which had spin-off, sequel, prequel or remake.

The second life figures in the industry want to give the TV series “lost”.

Screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof, better known as co-writer and Executive producer on “lost” told about the possibility of its restart. According to Damon, the series could be extended, but fans will not see a single familiar face. All the main characters will be replaced and you will learn a new story.

“We with Carlton Cuse have always had both hands in the future development of the franchise. “Stay alive” will outlive all of us, including JJ Abrams. There is something truly remarkable in the fact that George Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars, and now they are engaged in people who grew up on the movies of the Saga. I think “lost” should be something similar,” says Lindelof. As you look at such a prospect?

Recall “lost” (or “Lost”) was aired in 2004. The Central story was the plane crash, the passengers survived and continued to live on a desert island full of mysteries and secrets.

The series was nominated for numerous awards, including 41 Emmy award (11 wins), 29 Teen Choice Awards 39 awards “Saturn” (10 wins), 11 prize “Golden reel” (5 wins), eight Satellite Awards (one win), seven awards “Golden globe” (one win), four awards of the American Guild of writers (one win). Among the prizes of the show: Emmy award for best drama series, Golden globe for best drama series and award actors Guild for best ensemble cast in a drama series.