Dmitriy Tarasov “caught” on a date with a brunette

Дмитрия Тарасова «застукали» на свидании с брюнеткой The player had dinner with a friend in one of capital restaurants. Photo by Dmitry Tarasov and his companions appeared in social networks. Fans of sports stars one can only assume, by whom he had a charming girl. Dmitry prefers not to speak about his personal life.

      Дмитрия Тарасова «застукали» на свидании с брюнеткой

      At the end of last year, the footballer Dmitry Tarasov has divorced TV presenter Olga Buzova. Fans of sports stars want him to find new love after parting with his wife. According to some, Tarasov could have an affair with 22-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko, however, whether this is not known. Neither Tarasov nor his alleged fiancee does not comment on personal life. Note also that talking about pregnancy is a new passion of footballer, but no evidence of her interesting situation yet.

      Recently Dmitry Tarasov was seen in the company of a charming brunette with long hair. An innocent bystander has captured the player’s dinner with a mysterious stranger. In the photograph, appeared on the Network, you can see only the back of the girl, so to establish her identity is not possible. Users of social networks said, “paparazzi”, not whether Tarasov spent time with Kostenko, but she told me that cannot say anything definite about it. Only that companion of Dmitry looked great.

      “It’s Tarasov. But a beautiful girl do not know the name. I don’t know what it looks like Kostenko,” shared the accidental witness of a meeting of football with a friend.
      Дмитрия Тарасова «застукали» на свидании с брюнеткой

      Fans of Dmitry it remains only to guess who is the sports star is a charming brunette. She might be his new chosen one and only friend.

      Earlier Dmitry Tarasov gave an interview in which for the first time clarified its attitude to divorce with Olga Buzova. According to the player, he understands the hype around his split with wife, but not reads everything written about him online. Dmitry also announced that he plans to speak frankly about the reasons as to why it happened. “Nobody knows how I actually feel about it, let it remain with me,” said the sports star.

      Dmitry Tarasov first spoke about the hype surrounding the divorce

      At the moment Dmitry Tarasov gradually recovering after the injury, which he recovered for a few months. In late January, the footballer started training in common group. For fans of Dmitry it became one of the most joyful events of the beginning of the year. According to the press service of “Locomotive”, knee Tarasova already in working condition, so it is quite possible that soon he will again begin to participate in matches.