Friends on the sudden death of the former owner of Soho Rooms: “He just started living”

Друзья о внезапной гибели экс-владельца Soho Rooms: «Он только начал жить» As it became known, Sergey Tkachenko fell from the window of his apartment in Central Moscow on Sunday afternoon. The place of death of men of the rescue services arrived, who took the time to remove the body from the visor at home. It is assumed that together with a businessman in that fateful moment was his fiancee.

      Друзья о внезапной гибели экс-владельца Soho Rooms: «Он только начал жить»

      Sergey Tkachenko was one of the founders of the nightclub Soho Rooms that is still considered one of the most successful entertainment projects. Many knew the man not only as the owner and DJ. In the last few years he organized his own events, which appeared under the pseudonym Sergei Jeff. One of the friends of the businessman and could not assume that a successful man who was making plans for the future, and so end his life.

      The man fell from the window of an apartment on the 16th floor. On Shmitovskiy proezd, where the tragedy occurred, rushed to come and rescue services. The death of the DJ has come not immediately, some time he still showed signs of life and tried to fight. However, from his injuries, he died instantly. Passers-by saw Sergei standing on the parapet, someone even asked him to come to their senses and step back, however, to avoid the misery of failed. Many friends Tkachenko assured that it had not intended deliberately to chip in from the window of the skyscraper. Friend of Sergei believes that he had no reason, because he could not find a soul mate. When a man have found a life partner, everyone thought that the reasons for suicide just yet.

      “He was looking for love. Long one was, and found her and went to the window. This is not about him, it’s not his style. So he stood on the parapet – it’s nonsense. He had just begun to live, opened a new project. I helped him to pitch to investors,” said a friend of the deceased “StarHit”.

      By the way, Sergey Tkachenko has ceased to do business the famous night club four years ago. After that, he spent more time behind the DJ booth and making plans for the future. Just before the New year the man managed to open his own entertainment project “Mir” on the Colored Boulevard in the heart of Moscow. A friend of the businessman also believes that after he met his beloved, he started to feel much better. He put forward the view that between them could be disputed, which led to a sharp quarrel. However, a friend still not sure that this can pass for truth.

      I must say that lately on the page Tkachenko in social networks quite often appeared pictures with the beloved. Just three weeks ago, the choices rested on the popular Russian resort of Rosa Khutor. They shared with subscribers to bright images and did not hide their feelings. Followers left under the photos enthusiastic comments.

      Maria Radul’, the girl who was killed Tkachenko, on his page on “Instagrame” does not leave the incident without attention. She did not place any joint images, and only presented to subscribers one record that could not be reflected in their reaction. They began to Express his condolences and try to know the details of the tragedy.

      “Masha, hold on! My condolences, if you need help, hold on, please”, “I was speechless when I found out. Still can’t believe it. condolences, Mash. If any help is needed, call”, “Time heals all wounds, but this time… Need to stay, feel free to ask for moral support from friends and relatives, you now it will be very necessary,” – left comments are friends of Mary.

      Among friends Radul ‘ there were those who advised her to restrict access to the page in the Network because the users put forward the theory that the girl Tkachenko drove him to a nervous breakdown and was forced to commit suicide. Some sources report that yesterday between deputies there was a conflict, which they failed to settle, and the quarrel continued the following morning. Many Internet users refuse to believe this version, because even if this were so, the man, according to friends, never fold with 40-meter height.

      Popular singer and dancer Sasha Project one of the first responded to the incident and hurried to inform his authoriy on the Internet. “Knew him from the age of 16, a person with a huge heart! Never refused! Was very cheerful and serious at the same time! No matter what! We will all miss you! Let the earth you rest in peace,” wrote the actress on Instagram.

      Friends and relatives of Sergey Tkachenko still can’t accept what happened. Many tormented by the fact that they still do not know the true causes of the death of their friend and colleague. The majority of Internet users have already put in their microblogs farewell lyrics. All puzzled by the unexpected tragedy. Some people write that Tkachenko was very lucky when he met a new love. She surrounded him with care and warmth, which, according to pals, he has really lacked lately.

      SK across Moscow continue to lead the questioning bystanders of the incident. Preliminary examination will be conducted in the next few days. It is unknown where he had been the body of 41-year-old man.