Сын Юрия Куклачева объяснил, почему отказался от имени отца The young man didn’t want to be the namesake of its parent. The heir of a famous trainer Yuri Kuklachev admitted that he had changed the name against the wishes of their parents. The eldest son of the artist in the age of twelve, began calling himself Dmitri in honor of his grandfather.

      Сын Юрия Куклачева объяснил, почему отказался от имени отца

      Creator and Director of the Theater cats Yuri Kuklachev – the world’s most famous trainer of these animals. The wife of Yuri Dmitrievich Elena Isaakovna – his first assistant and collaborator. The couple lives happily married for over forty years. Of Kuklachev have a beautiful happy family, three children – two sons and daughter, grandchildren. All the heirs of Yury kuklacheva work in his Theater cats. The family hopes the grandchildren will be followers of the circus dynasty. Yuri Kuklachev overcame addiction in order to survive

      However, in this strong family clan has its “skeleton in the closet”, which they told the presenter of the channel “While all houses” Timur Kizyakov. The eldest son of Yuri Kuklachev did not want to be named that at birth he was given the parents, calling, as it should be in a circus dynasties, in honor of his father – Yuri Yu. So the firstborn son of the famous trainer was destined to be called by Kuklachev, Yuri Jr.

      Сын Юрия Куклачева объяснил, почему отказался от имени отца“For some reason I was uncomfortable with this name, I keenly felt this when I was ten years – said the eldest son Dmitry Kuklachev. And at twelve I changed it myself without telling parents.”

      Parents of Dmitry at the moment with his son were on a long tour in one of the cities. The boy came to a new school and called Dima. Reveal all in a couple of months, when the mother visited the meeting at the school where surprised to learn that her eldest son everyone called Yuri and Dimitri.

      “So my adventure was revealed, – continues Dmitry Kuklachev. – Parents, which is nice, stoically accept my wish. Themselves began to call me by my new name. And at sixteen, when I got a passport, booked myself in it Dmitry by Kuklachev. In honor of his grandfather”.

      By the way, famous people often change their names due to various reasons. A year ago, for example, the singer Anita Tsoi made his stage name key. Now it is recorded in the passport of vocalist. Few people know that the real name of the actress, which gave her parents, Anna. To change it, the singer decided after a meeting with a numerologist, who told her that her “mother” the name carried a negative message.

      “I think that now I finally became a single personality. I am happy and sighed quietly. My whole family is also happy, because at home I was called Anita. Most importantly, as the mother happy, fulfilled her dream,” said the singer after the name change.