Numerologist: “Buzova tries in vain to return Tarasova”

Нумеролог: «Бузова зря пытается вернуть Тарасова» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future ex-spouses. Despite the many similarities, constantly facing former lovers in the same places, reconciliation is hardly possible. According to experts, Olga and Dmitry are unlikely to converge again and pretty soon both will be able to arrange a personal life.

      Since divorce is the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova and midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov’s been almost a month, but passions around the couple do not cease to haunt the minds of fans “tarabuco”. However, stars are doing everything to whet interest. Last week, fans of Olga and Dmitry was able to observe how celebrities touring Spain, “Kakinada” in “Instagram” literally a twenty minute drive from each other. A couple of days later fate has brought Buzova and Tarasova – this time the former lovers are miraculously at the same time was in Rome – the city in which they repeatedly went, being married. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva sure that this coincidence is not accidental.

      “Olga and Dima are very suited to each other, – said Clara. – Olya Capricorn, Dima Fish – perfect compatibility. Plus Tarasov energy vampire, he must feed on the energy partner. And Olya, on the contrary, donor – she’s got that energy to spare. The stars were not just husband and wife, but also great friends – they did not have from each other secrets, they perfectly understood each other.”

      However, according to him, in this marriage and then there were the scandals.

      “The pair were constantly arguing about… In the life of an athlete code (3710 358) no of fours and twos – it is said that in life he tyrannical man. Therefore, the stars had a lot of fights… Buzova also with special character. Her life code 279235 says that she was born in “the Day of free choice” and that actress girl is very charismatic and charming, kind and honest, it’s heavy at home – grumpy and talks too much. About such usually say: “Good but hard”. Emotions prevail over her mind, but she does not know how to intrigue and lie all the emotions written on her face. Oli low self-esteem, it refers to the type of people who always want to assert themselves”.

      Speaking about the reasons of disintegration of this Union, Kuzenbaeva emphasizes that both spouses should review their attitude to each other and to family values in General.

      “In their marriage both had the patience continues Clara. – Ola should have been smarter and less to contradict player, then they would have lived to old age. It is recognized that Tarasov – the person charismatic. He is a carrier of the mark fame, very lucky guy – and his career will continue to evolve very rapidly…”

      “Olga is not against the return of Dmitri, perhaps these “random” trips to the same city her handiwork. But she’s vain hopes for a family reunion. Dmitry is not one to resume the old relationship. if he breaks the link, this is his final decision. Tarasov needs a very patient girl, which could make him a complex character and understanding to his mood swings. Next time he’ll be married 31 years. Olga also should not worry about privacy – in the 32 years she is very well satisfied with their destiny.”