Out of sight: why the star ladies disappointed in men

С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах Many celebrities don’t want to get married. One seriously burned in past relationships, while others are simply revised its Outlook to family life. “StarHit” analyzed, the view of the stars on the representatives of the stronger sex has changed over the years.

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      Many Russian women believe that to get married once and forever. But rare is the fairer sex can boast of a permanent relationship with men and the benevolent fate. Even among the representatives of show business. Some continue to look for happiness again and again, while others argue that once burned and now represent a relaxed and happy life solely alone. “StarHit” remembered star ladies, who for various reasons was disappointed in the institution of marriage, and some do in males.

      Rose Sabitova

      The main matchmaker of the country and leading the project “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova can be called a shoemaker without shoes. Motivated and self-sufficient woman knows about the institution of marriage, but she still has not found his other half. First married rose in 1983. According to Sabitova, she did not hide from her husband that doesn’t love him and believes the marriage is beneficial for both of them. But engineer Michael knew that his love enough for two. The leading maintains that it happened. His attitude to his wife, is gradually forced to respect her husband, and then to love. The main success rose said the emergence of the marriage of his son Denis and daughter Xenia. But in 1993 Sabitova husband died of a heart attack, and she had to take several jobs to feed his family.

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      As a little boy, son presenter said to be one indecent. Then Rose had the idea that the market matchmaking in Russia is not popular, and she decided to occupy this niche. After a time, the mother of two children began to share their experiences in the books, and then to broadcast on TV. In the program “let’s get married!” in 2008, rose met fitness trainer Yuri Andreev, and later married him. But this Union did not last long – the husband began to raise a hand on her, and the leader decided to talk about it publicly. Soon rose and Andrew broke up.

      Rose Sabitova pining for the deceased husband

      Now the TV presenter is engaged exclusively in the care of their own adult children, as well as investing in a favorite. In 2015, the star has married the daughter Ksenia for the associate of Andrew. Now looking for the bride for the son of Denis. Matchmaker has done several surgeries for rejuvenation, lost weight, increased breast – in a word, much has changed. Now, when her attention is ready to fight dozens of men, she realizes that don wants to create a family. According to Sabitova, men are jealous of her popularity and can’t accept the fact that she is self-sufficient. From such a relationship, says rose, not out of a successful marriage. The presenter prefers to live happily and to enjoy what is happening than to endure another unhappy marriage. Besides, recently Sabitova said, “Now sacrifice the relationship with a man. If he was alive my husband we would grow old together.”

      Elena Maximova

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      The singer, known to fans of “the Voice” two seasons “Just a tee”, and also to participate in the group Reflex, we can say, from childhood was building a singing career. First sang in the children’s ensemble, then sang songs in cafes and clubs of his native city Sevastopol. But not the musical future seemed near Lena reliable, so Maksimova graduated from the faculty of foreign languages. Immediately after University, Helen married and moved with her husband to the capital, where the couple had a daughter Diana. But having a baby was the reason for the disorder in the family. Soon Maximova with her daughter in her hands returned to his hometown, without a spouse. Then as her career took off and she moved to the capital. Here she met the artist Eugene kungurova, with whom she began an affair. At that time the man was married. Later, when Elena’s relationship with Eugene is over, the artist allowed himself a careless statement to the former lover, while stressing that he regretted the betrayal of his beloved wife.

      Elena Maximova responded to the insult of ex-lover

      “Jack in an interview, without specifying my name, called me a “litmus test”. Thank you, not a piece of toilet paper. Maybe he’s hurt and sad and he apologizes to his wife for treason. But he humiliated not only me but also ex-wife, saying that he outgrew her. I can’t date a married man, so said to the Wife: “Define”. But this is only the first step to relationship began honestly. And then we had to do more steps. Jack did not do them… In the marriage of Eugene and Natalia Troitskaya, I did not intervene. Why am I seducing him? Maybe I ran from him without looking back,” said Maximov.

      Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      Taking part in the project “Star ice”, Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya met with Sergey Lavrovym. The young men rode together, and over time their working relationship grew into something more. Three months later, Sergey made a proposal to Nastya and even repeated it several times, but the one referring to a bad experience of friends, would turn him down. According to the girls, a stamp in the passport could only damage the relationship that she cherished so much.

      “I’m not eager to get married, – admitted Nastya. If I want, I will give myself this holiday. Emphasize yourself, and not for everyone.”

      A year ago, the couple decided to enjoy each other after seven years of relationship. Later, on one of the movie premieres. It was rumored that Anastasia and Sergey were simply tired of each other and a little disappointed in family life.

      Dana Borisova

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      TV presenter, notable for the Russian audience thanks to the program “Army shop” at the time won the hearts of millions of men’s hearts. Even abroad it was called the “Russian secret weapon” – before the beauty and charm of the girl few could resist. In 2007, TV presenter met businessman Maxim Aksyonov, whom she had a daughter Pauline. But soon the couple broke up, and Dana had the most to raise a child, as the father of the girl , the confessions of a celebrity, did not try to help them.

      Since Borisov has repeatedly entered into relations with the representatives of the stronger sex, but usually to no good they did not. Soon This began to have problems with excess weight, and, it was said, even with alcohol. Dana Borisova is afraid of deprivation of parental rights from-for alcoholism

      But in 2014, Dana decided to make a change and invested in your body tidy sum. As a result, she has once again become slim and increased my Tits. Some time later, this beauty was appreciated by the businessman Andrey Troshchenko, which in the summer of 2015 TV presenter married. However, the happiness was fleeting – after endless quarrels in early 2016 Dana filed for divorce. After a time, she had an affair with Alexander Morozov, producer and captain of the hockey team “mosquito”. But subsequently, the man left her and hastened to share details of their relationship in the broadcast of a television programme. Act ex-lover, publicly accusing her of alcoholism and the neglect of daughters, wounding Dana. Borisov said that finally disappointed in men and decided never to marry.

      Irina Saltykova

      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      At the time, the Union of Victor and Irina Saltykov was one of the most striking in the domestic show-business. Then the singer was at the peak of popularity, and Irina – raving beauty. Four years the couple lived in happiness and love, raising a young daughter Alice. But then the popularity of Viktor began to decline, and the artist experience is always difficult. The family started a quarrel, Victor allowed himself the assault, he began to drink. Irina admitted that he tried to save the marriage, but nothing came of it. Says Saltykov, that soft character is not allowed Viktor to come together and feel like a real man. The couple divorced. In parting, Victor said that Irina lost without it, and then charming blonde decided to prove the opposite.

      As the singer admits, separation from my husband and really it was very difficult, and still not sure I’m ready to re-marry. After the divorce, the actress had Affairs with several men, but none of them led to the Registrar.

      “I have no purpose just to get married, I don’t want to marry anybody. Agree that to marry is not a problem, I could have, if desired twenty times to do it. After all, what is bad, the more the suitors”, – said Saltykov.


      С глаз долой: почему звездные дамы разочаровались в мужчинах

      Marriage of Maria Golubkina and Nikolay Fomenko, in which were born two children, broke up in 2008. Showman met a new love, Natalia Kolobaeva, and decided to leave the family. Fortunately for the children, the ex-wife are still on friendly terms. Over the past eight years, as admitted by Maria, she has experienced love. Moreover, this feeling helps her to be creative. However, all of its elected representatives either are unsuitable for long relationship or married. And indeed, laments the actress, she is disappointed in men.

      “Like, of course, the guy who repaired the fence. But where are kinseki fences, I don’t know… the lazy Russian Man very much. And as a man, some became weak. Forgive me, Russian man…” – said Maria in one of the television broadcasts.

      Olga Zarubina

      The fate of the singer, known for hits “On the boat music plays”, “Berry-raspberry” and others, was not easy. In the 80-ies Olga married Alexander Malinin, but after three years the couple parted. Soon Zarubina linked his fate with the Manager Vladimir Yevdokimov and gave birth to a daughter, Kira. The couple went to America and lived together for 23 happy years. But then the house came unhappiness Vladimir died of stomach cancer. Recovering from the death of beloved singer remarried Alexandrbelov, but happiness never found.

      Olga Zarubina has complained of a nervous breakdown after filming “Fashion sentence”

      In 2015, Olga publicly stated that the father of her only daughter Kira is Alexander Malinin. The singer refused to undergo a paternity test, but the grandfather gave his consent, and the results showed that Kira really have them native. Alexander Malinin met a girl, but to establish communication with her and could not. Olga’s relationship with ex-husband to this day remind the battlefield.

      In the life of a once popular singer occasionally happen, but she does not consider them fatal. Zarubina recently admitted that he believes the cause of personal failure is a curse imposed on the entire female line of her family. While psychics and fortune tellers infinitely Zarubina offer their services.

      “I had the idea that maybe something to fix. But so far I have not addressed. To me the Internet is often written by people with similar abilities. They say that in our life everything is balanced. “God gave you beauty and extraordinary talent – they tell me. – He can’t give everything.” Probably, it is,” agrees Olga.