Друзья считают, что Алексей Макаров близок к анорексии

Six years ago actor Alexei Makarov struck their star colleagues and the press an updated look. Then the actor appeared at a social event in markedly emaciated form. As later admitted Makarov to the media in his emergency weight loss there is nothing criminal – say, helped to lose 23 pounds he physical activity and proper nutrition.

Ever since Makarov is trying to stick to this healthy lifestyle, but friends actor still concerned that he looks not so healthy as before.

Друзья считают, что Алексей Макаров близок к анорексии

The thinness of Alexei even complained to his colleague on the set of the second “election Day” Leonid Baratz.

As told by the comedian, originally Makarov was approved for the role of former military, nominating his candidacy for Governor. The way Makarova in the film should be strong, massive, large, instead, on the set seemed to lean Alex, who had absolutely nothing to do with the character.

“So much so that we had to ask him, saying, come, eat more to gain weight. Alex eventually gained about six kilograms”, — told the press Baratz.

Hope, health Makarova is really no danger, and thinness (or smartness) of an actor but a result of resistance training and proper nutrition.

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