Бар Рафаэль родила третьего ребенка

Бар Рафаэль родила третьего ребенка

Well-known Israeli 34-year-old model Bor Rafael became a mother for the third time. The star and her husband ADI Ezri son was born January 14, 2020. That Bar is pregnant it became known personally from her. Along with his colleague by Assi Azar, the girl went into the live social network Instagram, where he talked about his interesting position. By the way, with this presenter, she led the final of the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

Bar was born in a large family, in addition to her parents had three more children. That’s why she always wanted a big family. In his recent interview with Rafael shared plans for the next 10 years, she wants to dedicate herself to the family. That is, most likely, the model is planning to suspend his career.

Earlier the girl had a relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the proposals of marriage from him and have not waited, this fact was the reason for their breakup. Bar wanted children and a family, and Leonardo was not ready for such serious changes in my life. In 2015, the model met with Israeli businessman ADI Ezri, in September of the same year she married him. Husband fully shared her views on family life, so after 9 months after the wedding, they had their first child, daughter Liv, and a year later, their family is once again replenished.

Rafael is not one of those types of stars that constantly post pictures with their children. The shots where she poses with her daughters very difficult to find. And here’s a selfie with her beloved husband periodically appear on her official page. By the way, marriage to Ezri for the model was the second. At the age of 18 she was married to Arik Weinstein, however, the Union soon fell apart. The Bar itself never commented on the cause of the divorce, and in the moment, the relationship with the first husband she does not support.

Well, let’s hope that husband Bar and ADI will not stop at the third child, and their family will grow happy children.

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