Ким Кардашьян в розовом бикини раскинулась у себя в комоде

Kim Kardashian is currently vacationing in Mexico, but she had to try on swimsuits and gather belongings before heading South, so she shared a racy selfie in her closet in a pink bikini.
Kim Kardashian is always in the way, and that means she spends a lot of time on packing. 39-year-old founder of the cosmetic brand “KKW Beauty” recently went to a Mexican vacation, and she spent a lot of time, choosing a beach costume. January 14, Kim shared her selfie in Instagram, where she sits on the floor of my closet in a sexy pink bikini. Petite swimsuit helped her to demonstrate the many enviable and spicy parts of the body.

Kim even added dark glasses to show fans how she looks in this bikini, walking on a Sunny beach in Mexico. She combed her hair in a high ponytail, taking photos. Looks like she went through all the options of swimwear, as beside her on the floor was something similar to an orange bikini and a few more options in the back.
“Always pack your things,” Kim signed photo, which she posted after the arrival of the South. We know this because Kim was photographed by paparazzi earlier in the day, having fun on the beach in Cabo near the coastline. Bikini Kim chose with a bandage on his neck and tiny pants, letting him admire her unbelievable pressure. Later, she was dressed in an orange Monokini for the next beach bustle, so she’s obviously spent a lot of thoughts about your bathing suit to flaunt her amazing body.
The mother of four children admitted in November 2019, which she gained 18 pounds, in that moment, when she was much thinner, weighing just 116 pounds (52,6 kg) in August 2018. Since then, however, she works hard with her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara: “We conduct night training before my lunch, which I had never done before, but I decided that we needed at some point to do this”, she concluded in her Instagram video November 2 during a workout.
“Sometimes we fall, and sometimes really need to get together, and this is one of my downfalls when I’ve gained 18 pounds, compared with a year ago, a year and a half ago,” she continued. “To feel good, I just want to achieve this mark, and that means you need to work at any cost,” she said. But Melissa and me is the main goal, because by the time I turn 40 years old, Melissa added, “You’ll be 39, but look like you’re 21”. How Kim looks amazing in your bikini, we think she’s on her way to that goal!

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