Эли Райсман уходит в отставку и не будет участвовать на Олимпийских играх 2020 в Токио

Eli Reisman officially confirmed its release to the Olympics, but said that this important decision is “much more nuanced”. The gymnast looked at the past “Olympic journey” and revealed that she’d tell her eight-year-old I in an emotional letter.
25-year-old Olympic gold medalist Elie Reisman was “caught off guard” after her mother watched “the news about her departure” on TV during the holidays. This is due to the fact that the report asserts that the gymnast “decided to skip the Olympic games in Tokyo”, which will be held in 2020, although this truth, which she opened at the beginning of his emotional and touching letter was published in Instagram on January 14. Gymnast shared his “Olympic journey”, in which she won gold at the Olympic games 2012 in London and the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

“The last 10 years was so violent that I actually do not even understand what happened, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever understand, wrote Ali. “I lived a rather fast life, and sometimes I have to remind myself about the need to slow down, disconnect from technology and spend time to appreciate what I have experienced and learned. Over the holidays all the memories that I realized that I need to give myself the opportunity to truly come to terms with these feelings, stop and think”.
These feelings have prompted Ali to contact his eight-year-old girl who once idolized gymnasts participating in the Olympic games of 1996, on the VHS tape. “I suspect that you continue to return to that time because now I know the power of the dream this little girl. I think about what I would say to her now, — I wrote to Ali, and this is her message for her at a younger age: “I would tell her about all of the amazing people she will meet along the way, and of the successes it will achieve. I guess her eyes will light up and a smile spread out across her face when she finds out that one day she will be like those gymnasts, whom she watched on TV, and that it will inspire some other little girl to ride on wheels around the house, dreaming to one day compete at the Olympic games.”

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Feeling very grateful… Thank you to my parents, Brett, Chloe, Madison, my coaches Mihai & Silvie, my teammates, the Octagon, and everyone else who supported me. It takes a village to get to the Olympics, and I am so appreciative of every single person that helped me along the way. A huge thank you to my fans — your support has meant everything to me. I am very lucky to have been able to do something I love for so many years & I’m excited for what’s next!

Publication from Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) Jan 14 2020, 9:42 PST

“I wonder whether I shall tell her that life is full of UPS and downs and that in sports there are people who will not be able to protect her and her teammates,” continued Ali. One of these people who failed in it, was condemned a former American physician Larry Nassar, who was convicted of sexual abuse of more than 150 women and girls during his trial. But Ali defended his teammates and future gymnasts, testified in 2018, which pleaded guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to imprisonment for the term from 40 up to 125 years. Ali also accused a few gymnastics organizations in that they “include this monster” and take “his side” what she said, appearing on The View in January 2018.

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