Лори Харви может избежать наказания, несмотря на обвинения в автомобильной аварии

Lori Harvey faces up to years in prison after her accident in 2019 in Beverly hills. But the criminal defense lawyer argues that she can avoid punishment, despite the accusations of the occurrence of a car accident.
The daughter of comedian Steve Harvey, a 23-year old model Lori Harvey was arrested October 20 after she was involved in a car accident in Beverly hills. Lori was charged with two misdemeanors — including one of them which is provided resisting arrest, obstruction to the witnesses of the event and the incident caused injuries and broken property, causing material damage in connection with the incident, the Prosecutor of the County of Los Angeles has officially confirmed this information on the 13th. And although, according to the charges, could put her in jail for up to one year is unlikely, according to a California criminal lawyer and founder of the legal Council of the state of California Sheren H. Gatan. Esquire

Лори Харви может избежать наказания, несмотря на обвинения в автомобильной аварии
Counsel States: “In a short time my client needs to withdraw the accusation. There is a place for talks if it will provide your lawyer with the flexibility to negotiate specific issues in the therapy sessions, anger management, as well as hours of public works, to obtain the withdrawal from punishment… Let’s face it, how lucky that in this case there is no real victim, as the court very seriously applies to them”.
In this case we are talking only about material damage. This is something that can be solved with the help of civic compromise; promise to pay a monetary compensation for the caused material damage. Harvey likely to be in a solid financial position, and it would be reasonable to propose that it will pay the full amount of damage. Once the victim and the court finds that the cash paid, they will become more flexible in respect of sentence. Furthermore, Harvey doesn’t have too long to stay on probation if she has fulfilled all its payment obligations as the victim and to the court. If both of these charges were committed by someone who has no prior criminal history (in the past 10 years have not been opened any criminal charges), an experienced criminal defense attorney could agree about everything, up to and including dismissal or, in the worst case, to justify a prosecution under minimal conditions. She will serve a year in prison for simple property damage. Payment of monetary compensation and community service is to close this issue.

It seems that Laurie is not too worried about the charges, because she celebrates her 23rd birthday in Jamaica with friends and rumored boyfriend, 36-year-old rapper Future in his account in Instagram on January 13, the birthday of Lori shared mental the cozy leisure time in the pool during their Jamaican vacations.

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