Певица Sia рассказала про свободные отношения и усыновление сына

Певица Sia рассказала про свободные отношения и усыновление сына

Famous Australian singer Sia has recognized that it has a serious psychological disorder. Most recently, she gave a Frank interview in which for the first time talked about his private life after a divorce from her husband.

The singer gave this interview for the Australian edition. She said that her divorce from movie Director Eric Anderson lang for it was very heavy and painful. That’s why she took the decision never to get married, the singer wants the rest of your life to stay single. Sia also admitted that she now prefers the exclusively to casual sex.

In the network there are rumors about her relationship with the famous DJ Diplo, he is also her bandmate. The singer explained that they do have a connection, and they have to spend a lot of time to have sex as not to spoil their good business relations.

The singer said that she recently wrote him a long message, which was about their attraction. It turns out celebrities are the five men with whom it is pleasant to spend time. The singer told the DJ that now, when she finally realized that she wanted to live my life alone and she has adopted the long-awaited son, she doesn’t care about serious relationship. If the guy really needed from her only sex without commitment, he can always call her.

In this story journalists are more interested in the part about the adopted child, but Sia refused to comment on the details. Maybe she even blurted it out and didn’t plan to tell the public for her son.

Based on her interview in may of 2019, we can assume that her child was dark-skinned 16-year-old orphan Dasani. Sia saw a documentary about this child and admitted that he would like to make him happy and become a mother for the first time. When Desani was at the age of 4 years old, his father brutally killed her mother in front of child. After this incident, the boy was adopted by a distant relative who spent all his childhood he was abused, physically hurting. The child was taken to the orphanage for minor children, in which he was supposed to be still. Maybe he was lucky and she became his new mother.


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