Руслан Байсаров шестой раз женился: девушка стала его второй официальной женой

Руслан Байсаров шестой раз женился: девушка стала его второй официальной женой

Well-known Russian oligarch 51-year-old Ruslan Baisarov, a former son-in-law Alla Pugacheva, married 18-year-old Chechen woman alamat Abubakarova. The wedding took place at the end of 2019, but details became known only now. In the social network Instagram has photos from the celebration. It is also known that the couple met thanks to this network, they conducted a long correspondence in Direct and only later was their first date.

Alamat lived in the Chechen village of Shali, and became the sixth wife of an oligarch. Ruslan also included in the list of the richest people in Russia, according to official figures the profit for the year 2019 is $ 900 million. From a previous marriage, the man has already six children. Eldest daughter Camille was 26 years old, and the son of Kristina Orbakaite Denis — 21 years.

At the time of the official brakosochetaniya with alamat Ruslan was married to the previous wife madini Gateway. To divorce her, he did not, but together they do not live for a long time. The parents of Abubakarova was not against this marriage, even knowing all the details of his personal life Ruslana. Wedding Madinah was held in the Chechen Republic, in the village of Veduchi, the marriage was concluded according to Muslim rites, that is, polygamy is permitted by law. This means that alamat is now the official second wife Ruslana.

The journalists managed to learn that the wedding took place in the circle of family and friends who were no longer allowed to dwell on the celebration. Therefore, the media was not notified about the event. Alamat chose a dress in one of wedding salons terrible in just a few days before the official painting.

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