Звезды, пожертвовавшие своими детьми ради карьеры

The son of actress Lyubov Polishchuk, actor Alexey Makarov knows the feeling when a mother sacrifices children for the sake of career.
“One mother – the actress, he will understand me, a woman is an actress not owned by yourself or the family! Her whole life cloistered in the profession, and for her sake she is ready for absolutely everything!” — commented Alexey.
For the profession Lyubov Polishchuk decided that another mother never would have sent his son to boarding school! Then she just moved from his native Siberia to Moscow. After receiving an offer to work in the Metropolitan music hall, where the schedule was simply stunning. To abandon a promising proposal, the actress just could not afford it, because it was her chance. Your chance Lyubov Polishchuk was used, but paid for it with his son “boarding school” childhood, which has grown 47-year-old son still recalls with terrible pain.

Звезды, пожертвовавшие своими детьми ради карьеры
“In the orphanage where I was raised had a “great” teachers. I think a few of them just cried a prison!”, — with a heavy heart recalls the actor.
He lives and will resent the mother for that child was not woken up from her kissing, and cries of another educator. And only when Lyubov Polishchuk was chained to the bed, Alex never left his mother a single step, even canceled his busy tour schedule, and to forgive her all the wrongs before her death.
Not by hearsay knows how it is to be thrown the family man knows the son Barbra Streisand – Jason, for his successful career in the age of 5 my mother gave it to a specialized boarding school and disappeared from his life for over 20 years. All this time her motherly love was manifested only cash the checks that she wrote out the content of son and rare visits. Then she thought that doing the right thing, because the desire to be a world famous actress was her main goal in life. Every year it was getting closer and closer to that goal and more and more estranged from my own son!
“I’m 25 years old was separated from his own son! I almost didn’t see him touring and the Studio, and when he grew up, I realized that I’m his stranger. This is the worst fact of my biography!”, shared Barbra.

When Barbara realized he’s losing touch with his only son, undertook to make up for lost time, poking his nose into all aspects of his life. Not surprisingly, after this Jason literally ran away from her in another city. And later shocked mother to hear about that married man! Barbara couldn’t find the strength to come to the wedding of his child, she didn’t have to accept the fact of homosexuality of the son, and only over time recognized its nature, and even began to defend the rights of sexual minorities.
Since then, Jason called mom perfect still, but she is pampered by the fact that she truly wants!

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