Александр Серов попал в перестрелку: певца ранили в ногу

Александр Серов попал в перестрелку: певца ранили в ногу

68-year-old Russian singer Alexander Serov, who is known to the public thanks to the hit “I love you”, received a gunshot wound in the leg. The incident occurred near the restaurant, which is located in the suburbs. Serov gave a short interview after discharge from the hospital.

Unpleasant incident occurred in late 2019 when the singer saw off the outgoing year with their friends and acquaintances in the restaurant of the Moscow region. Their company had a quarrel with a neighboring table, for what reasons is still unknown. However, the argument crossed the line, and ended with a shootout in the street, the result of which injured Alexander.

The celebrity said that vacationing with friends, then you started arguing, everyone went outside to find out relationships outside the institution, so to speak, man to man. Unfortunately, the second company was not set up for quiet conversation, because immediately one of the men pulled out a gun and shot him in the leg Serov. The singer admits that at first he certainly was scared, but now his health and life is not in danger, so he relaxed. Celebrity am very grateful to the doctors who did everything to ensure that he stood on his feet soon. The bullet took out in a timely manner, all is well stitched up and treated. Unfortunately, Alexander is limping on one leg, but the prognosis is good, so that this defect should go away. At the moment, the singer is under the supervision of doctors, he has to visit the medical facility on schedule.

Also Serov added that to go to the police, he did not, because the attackers immediately after the shot ran in different directions. The singer is sure that such a call to the police would not even respond. In any case, Alexander does not keep anyone evil.

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