Секс-скандалы со знаменитостями набирают обороты: арестован французский режиссер

Секс-скандалы со знаменитостями набирают обороты: арестован французский режиссер

Now Hollywood star Harvey Weinstein’s not the world’s only famous man accused of sexual harassment. It is the famous French Director Christophe Rogi gaining momentum, the other day he was detained by the police.

According to information provided by the French media, the Director first said the 31-year-old French actress Adele Enel. According to her testimony, Rudi demanded sex from her when she was only 12 years old. It happened in 2002, when he passed promotur painting “the Devils” in which Adele played a major role. At that time, the Director invited the girl to his house and tried to kiss her, and then told me how much he loves her. At the age of 15, Adele stopped all the communication with Christophe.

On the same day the police arrested Christophe Rogi, justifying his arrest sexual aggression towards a minor personages.

Adel Enel has long withheld the fact of sexual harassment. However, in the early fall of 2019 she watched a documentary called “Leaving Neverland”, which tells about the relationship of children with Michael Jackson. This picture turned her thinking and made it clear that the words of Rudi about love to her was a big lie. After that, she immediately went to the police with an open statement against the Director.

The Christophe of Rudi completely refuses to take the blame, the fact of the harassment he denies. However, he frankly admitted that he made some errors against the actress Adele.

Meanwhile, pass the trial of the case Harvey Weinstein. At the last session of the court was invited to model Gigi Hadid, she was infinitely happy that she was invited as a witness. What ended the meeting and told Gigi not yet known.


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