Меган Маркл посетила центр для женщин в Ванкувере

Meghan Markle has returned to social activities, sitting with a Cup of tea in the Vancouver women’s center, continuing their charitable intentions to the women’s business center of the city’s Eastside, where she discussed issues related to problems “affecting women in society.”
Tuesday, 14 January 38-year-old Megan Markle continued their schedule on the issue of philanthropy at the women’s center “Downtown Eastside”, where she discussed “issues affecting women in society.”
Community center, which provides support and basic necessities to more than 500 women and children every day, shared a snapshot of their warm meeting with Megan to visit his page on Facebook, explaining that Megan and women together enjoying the tea.
“Look who we are today drinking tea! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle visited us today, to discuss issues concerning women in society”, — stated in the message.

Меган Маркл посетила центр для женщин в Ванкувере
In the photo Megan happily posing next to a joyful group of women.
Just hours before her visit, Megan made a first appearance for her and Prince Harry said they would be back and to get on your Royal prerogative, as senior members of the Royal family.
On the pictures obtained by paparazzi, Megan was captured on Board the plane EN route to Vancouver. She was spotted in snowy weather in a long green jacket with a hood — the same one that she wore for yoga classes in Toronto in March 2017, and smiled happily.
Megan was without the 8-month-old son Archie, who remained in Canada while his parents returned to London on the day of engagement last week. After the announcement of their important news to press Megan flew back to Canada, while Prince Harry stayed in the UK to discuss the details of their new agreement with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, father Prince Charles and brother Prince William. The Duke of Sussex will be in the UK in the next few days to spend Thursday at the Buckingham Palace event of the world Cup Rugby in 2021.
After a historic family summit on Monday, Queen Elizabeth announced that must pass the “transition period” during which the couple will move Sussex”

Megan previously lived in Toronto, where the moment took her shooting. The pair also appeared for the first time in public in 2017 by visiting the Game along with Prince Harry’s “Invictus Game Station” in Toronto.

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