Венсан Кассель рассказал о своей роли в фильме “Особенные” и самых больших страхах

Венсан Кассель рассказал о своей роли в фильме “Особенные” и самых больших страхах

The premiere of the film “Special” has already taken place at the Cannes film festival and earned positive reviews from critics. The main role in the film was played by 53-year-old French actor and producer who gave recently a great interview about the film, as well as personal life.

Vincent began the interview by explaining that the first meeting of writers was held in a very friendly atmosphere, but he was warned that this movie is important to them. Eric Toledano and Olivier nakache were going to make “Special” more than a year, but was not ready for the film adaptation of his ideas. At the time of the first meeting of men was not even a page with a script. Vincent accepted the role in this film, with the condition that he will provide the full script at the time of final approval. Most of all, he doesn’t like it when you bring him to read a lot of different options, which ultimately rewrite several times.

Kassel admitted that a very long time watching the work of these two Directors, so wanted to work with them. He was wondering what will be the atmosphere on the set, and most importantly, how it will be to watch these two geniuses. The actor admitted that they failed to disclose new talents in his personality.

Further, the actor said that for him was a great shock and fear to be surrounded by children, adolescents and adults who have autism. At the time when he joined the Association of sick people, then froze, and then caught myself thinking that he first cries from experiencing emotions. In that hour he could not understand how he will shut down and will not respond to people with the most severe cases of autism. Vincent watched the employees of the Association and understand that these people have dedicated themselves to charity and brought their lives in exchange for the full life of the patients.

To overcome your fear of autism, he had to stay alone with them and socialize. The actor realized that I can’t stay a crybaby, you need to pull yourself together and get a couple of good slaps. Once Directors Kassel asked to give an interview to autistic children who lead their own magazine, and it has also become a great success in the way of dealing with fear.

In the film a lot of scenes with Benjamin Leseraum boy which in my life is sick with autism. Vincent said that he was just playing with him in one scene. The most important thing for the actor was the understanding that the guy feels satisfied with their work. Almost all the scenes were shot with two takes, is a good indicator. Kassel is sure that actor Benjamin has a lot of features. Since at the site there were two Directors, they often gave the actors different directions, so Vincent decided to negotiate with Laserem on their own, and the boy fully understands it. The actor admitted that Benjamin need to find a way, if he likes people, he will do everything for him. So Kassel could cause guy’s got a lot of positive emotions.

At the end of the interview, the star of French cinema summed up. According to him Eric and Olivier are doing a great job showing the problems of poor people, who are real superheroes of the 20th century. Such people are capable of anything, even a quarter of us will not be able to do this.

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