Актриса Анна Фарис готова третий раз выйти замуж

Актриса Анна Фарис готова третий раз выйти замуж

One of the most popular American Actresses Anna Faris is ready for the third time to marry. Famous comedienne has agreed to become the wife of 49-year-old cameraman Michael Barrett. Yet the star couple has not commented on these rumors journalists. But their friend and colleague Allison Janney has confirmed all the guesses of the public.

The stories of Allison Michael has already made an offer of marriage to his sweetheart. This event, the pair celebrated with family and friends, but none of them post photos to the network, so asked young.

Jenny happily admitted that he knew about this news a long time ago, however, at the request of a friend, she was silent, but now wants to know everything. Also, the actress said that she was invited to dinner with all the relatives.

Allison admitted that they find out about it quite by accident. In the new film, the actress decided to rehearse the scene, it was then that Jenny first saw the ring on the finger of her friend. She went to her dressing room, as agreed, and then noticed the ring and asked what kind of ornament she wears on the ring finger? And Anna replied: “Yes, it’s the ring.”

The public for the first time spoke about the engagement of Anna and Michael at the end of 2019. Then 43-year-old actress came alone to the premiere, but with a luxurious diamond ring. And also, during one of the journalists congratulated Faris engagement, she was not surprised and did not deny, but only modestly thanked for the congratulations. However, Anna noticed that for the wedding she is not yet ready.

Anna and Michael began their relationship in November 2017. At that time, Faris has just divorced with her former husband actor Chris Pratt in the court defended the right to custody of their son Jack. So, to comment on his new novel, she strongly refused, and journalists have always said that after two failed marriages, she’s not even thinking about a new serious relationship.

Once in an interview, Faris said that the legislature went through divorce twice and it’s very tiring. Now she thinks about the advisability of marriage, while the actress doesn’t know exactly what she needs: for security, to legitimate the birth of a child, or just to let the public take her relationship seriously. By nature she is a romantic who believes in the kinship of their souls, and for that official documents are not needed. Therefore some journalists believe that the official marriage between Anne and Michael is not, they will be limited to a proposal of marriage.


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