С Днем рождения Дав Оливия Камерон!

Chloe Olivia Celeste Hosterman was born January 15, 1996 in Seattle, Washington is an American actress and singer.
The style of Dove Cameron on the red carpet has grown so rapidly up that she made a sensation on television as the stars of the Disney channel! Now, we look back at some of her best moments on the red carpet!
Happy Birthday, Dove Olivia Cameron! The star of “Disney Channel” -today, 24-year-old girl, and to celebrate this day, take a look at the evolution of her style over the past few years. Dove has always been a stunning on any red carpet. The young actress, however, completely changed her style from cute dresses for a tea party to glamorous dresses in which modern actress like a classic Hollywood star!

С Днем рождения Дав Оливия Камерон!
Telenovela star really took off in the mid-2010s, and this means that she had appeared at premieres and big events at a fairly young age. However, her style was both Mature and your age. One of those moments when the Dove had formed two elements of its fashion talent, was the screening of the film “Barely lethal” in may 2015 in Los Angeles. The dove was dressed in a pink red strapless dress with pockets. Her beautiful hair with flowing curls, her make-up only emphasized her best features! Keeping the look pretty simple, she combined the dress with black pointed shoes.
You can’t deny how great the Dove looked in one of their first big events in Hollywood. But fast forward to about two and a half years, and we could see how much has evolved her fashion sense! At the 75th annual ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe” in January of 2018, the Dove looked truly radiant wearing a black strapless dress with gold bow jewelry from Monique Lhuiller, star of TV series “the Heirs” worked in complete confidence. Along with a designer dress, Dove wore accessories in the form of earrings and several rings on his fingers. Complex and sophisticated, it is ideally suited for the aspiring stars!

Finally, the Pigeon has shown us that she can give a real advantage modern classic style that she usually prefers. At the ceremony, awards Marie Claire Image Makers in January 2018, just a few days after the Golden globes, she was dressed in a modern dress which turned opinion. Her dress, designed by Igalo Israelem, it was one shoulder, high waist and high neck collar. Deciding to completely focus on his band, Dove gathered the hair into a bun and strands of her blond curls framed her face. Having a few cocktail rings as its main accessories, the Dove showed us that she knows how to make a statement on the red carpet!

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