Friend Rose Syabitova told him about a secret affair stars

Подруга Розы Сябитовой рассказала о тайном романе звезды The presenter was passionate about a grown man when I was in school. For him the rose Sabitova even improved their academic performance. Classmate stars Inna Bochkarev told “StarHit” the good old days, when the future broadcaster was saving for the movie and sewed a dress for themselves.

      Подруга Розы Сябитовой рассказала о тайном романе звезды

      Main matchmaker of the country, host of “let’s get married!”, he graduated from Moscow school No. 730 on Starokashirskoe highway. After the 10th class Sabitova tried to do to VGIK to the theater Department, but, unfortunately, the dream of becoming an actress did not come true. “There was a huge competition took place in three stages, but, alas, not taken,” says classmate stars Inna Bochkarev. – It is, of course, very upset, crying, worried…” Sabitova Friend at school said “StarHit” why they sewed the same dress, how to spend pocket money and how rose ran away from drinking parents to the neighbors and grandma.

      Подруга Розы Сябитовой рассказала о тайном романе звезды

      Saving up for a trip to the cinema

      “We were sitting at the same Desk until the 8th grade, – said Bochkarev. – Then I went to College, and Rozik, so I called her since childhood, was left to continue his studies. Mischievous, cocky, restless, she always had to jump-to run – this is how I remember her in high school. And now not much has changed. All friends were surprised that we even get along, what we have in common: I was the complete opposite of Rose – quiet, humble”.

      Подруга Розы Сябитовой рассказала о тайном романе звезды

      But the girls from the first class found a common language, the more lived in neighboring yards along get to the house by tram. Plus both were of small stature – even in PE standing side by side, at the end of the line. “Rozik never it’s not complexed continues Bochkarev. – If anyone teased her, his words did not climb – try to hurt her! She was quite a sports – second grade parents enrolled her in a section of figure skating at the stadium “torpedo” in Avtozavodskoy district. Sometimes went with her company, watched as rose cuts through the ice. Opportunity to do I didn’t have very much expensive skates. But her grandmother has accumulated on the equipment – aside from the pension, and somehow gave on the day of birth.”

      Parents of the future TV stars hard to drink – not pampered daughter, nor gifts, nor all the kind words and nice things got her youngest brother.

      “Mom and dad gave her is that 15 cents a week – or on ice cream, or on matinee,” recalls Inna. – We were saving this money and then staged a “day of joy” – went to the cinema “Ray”, for example, “Romeo and Juliet” in English with subtitles, 10-15 times I watched the same film. To earn did not work – even a cleaning lady to get was extremely difficult, and the profession of the waiter generally seemed something out of science fiction. Only after school, we were able to get counselors to camp in the suburbs – but not for financial gain, I just wanted autonomy and independence”.
      Подруга Розы Сябитовой рассказала о тайном романе звезды

      Making eyes at the teacher

      Organizational skills Rose has appeared in early years, she was a great leader to the district school the pioneer of the asset. “Arranged, there are all sorts of stock – waste paper collection, congratulating veterans on Victory Day,” continues ina. – Had fun digging potatoes with the Komsomol. Tried to find any occupation to spend less time at home – the atmosphere was not pleasant. We went to the library, and in various free mugs…When it was secured ran to her grandmother for a week. She fed, pitied. In our house Rozik was always a welcome guest, my mother adored children, everyone was happy. Prepared, treated, tried to create a mood, to comfort her. Holidays friend too, we spent New year we meet almost always together.”

      Despite the difficult financial situation of the family, rose did not give up – learned to sew by making up a dress, not to look “a mess” to the more wealthy children. “The fact that she very liked our math teacher is young, pretty, smiles Bochkarev. And now, that he noticed, she somehow made the same blue dress, all dressed up and came to class. And eyes at him were built, and hand pulled. If she was a d student, then suddenly began to cram this thing.” But soon sympathy Sabitova switched to the other. “In high school Rosa began to meet with a classmate Misha – says Inna. They went together to the cinema, walking around the city… However, immediately after graduation, they parted ways. As with all school buddies. Just the two of us and still remain friends. Rose will always help advice, before the first request got my son tickets for urban trees. Such a strong character that people like her often succeed. I’m in my odnoklasnitsu never doubted!”

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