Дмитрий Нагиев продает очки, чтобы помочь больной раком пермячке The actor took part in the auction help Natasha Dolmatova. The star of the series “Fizruk” once again showed himself as a man not indifferent to the suffering of others. To assist the family of a cancer patient girl.

      Dmitriy Nagiev for several years is a representative of the Foundation “Anna” in the city of Taganrog and Rostov region, helping them to become healthy children, sick autismn and various forms of cerebral palsy. It is no wonder that with such a big heart, like Dmitri, could not ignore the tragedy of a cancer patient Natasha Dolmatova.

      Stars save a disabled girl who had helped Zhanna Friske

      “StarHit” not once wrote about a brave 11-year-old Permian. Natasha is a third year zlokacestvennoe struggling with a brain tumor – a medulloblastoma. Dolmatova was in the list of children who “Respond” allocated portion for the treatment of singer Zhanna Friske funds. The money Natasha year of restored health in Germany, went through several operations. Today she is undergoing another course of chemotherapy.

      To finally get well, the girl will need treatment and examination. Unfortunately, the money for the expensive services of doctors from the family Dolmatovich no. To help the baby, “StarHit” together with the charity Fund “Addresses of charity” and the Russian crowdfunding platform Planeta.ru launched the auction. One of its members has agreed to be Dmitry Nagiyev – it provided for the sale of their sunglasses.

      “I hope the money will help Natasha recover” – commented the act Nagiyev.

      Become the owner of the accessory from the artist by clicking the link.

      Lot price – 15 000 rubles, they will go for treatment of little Natasha. In addition to the points the buyer will receive a leather case autographed by celebrities. By the way, on the arc of the attribute of the image Nagiyev also have his signature.

      Those wishing to help Natasha can purchase on the website Planeta.ru the lots provided by other stars colorful scarf from Lyubov Uspenskaya, cap, Christina Aguilera, sunglasses from Grigory Leps and many more.

      The family of Natasha hopes to help caring people. Mom and dad sick girl dream to have their girl back to the dance classes and finally able to sit down with their peers at a school Desk.

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