Марина Африкантова ждет помощи от Андрея Чуева The star of “House-2” suffering that the contestants are set up against it. Marina Afrikantov, who turned to former lover to protect her from attacks. Some felt that the girl is not worthy to take part in the contest “man of the year”.

      Not so long ago one of the brightest participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantov broke up with her fiancé Andrey Chuyev. Despite the fact that the lovers were preparing for a wedding, still before the altar they do not come down. The couple decided to leave, and he left the project.

      Marina Afrikantov threw Andrey Chueva for money

      Marina continued to seek their happiness within the reality show “Dom-2” and tried to build relationships with the main heartthrob telestroke Ivan Bursikova. However, this novel did not continue. Now Marina is with her mother, who also participated in the reality show, was left without male protection. She spoke about the inappropriate attitude of Ivan. After outrageous case the girl’s mother decided to go to Chuev, as the only defender.

      However, according to Marina, the other participants of the reality show “House-2” decided that the old lovers are playing a double game and even offered to withdraw her candidacy for the title of “Man of the year”. Afrikantov, unable to withstand the pressure of the entire team of the project decided to justify to fans. She has published in the microblog screenshots of the messages.

      “Mother describes the situation occurring on the project Andrey Chuev and asks for help. Read carefully. Look at time and number. We were both in despair and in a broken emotional state, we needed the help of men, as in Andrew, no one word could not say against us”, – assured the participant of a reality show.

      Photos published M. Afrikantova (@marina_afrika) Jul 19 2016 5:38 PDT

      In correspondence to the fans Marina noticed that Andrew had offered to take her off the project, but the girl did not agree, justifying this by the fact that more does not trust a former lover. Fans were extremely excited about what happens to Marina and her mother, and hastened to support them. Also some members still hope Afrikantov and Chuev be together again.

      “Marina, good luck to you and Andrew. If it becomes you to respect and stop yelling at you, you’ll be very happy! You and your mom are great! I did everything right!”, “Marina, Yes, you are not justified before men. It is your own business, how to do”, “Stay Chueva, this is your man,” wrote loyal fans.

      Despite the entreaties of followers, Marina still wants to prove his innocence. She was even willing to test a lie detector. She wants to make you ashamed of his words all my colleagues in the project, which allowed the slander in its address.

      Photos published M. Afrikantova (@marina_afrika) May 2 2016 2:14 PDT

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