Юлия Высоцкая откровенно рассказала о состоянии дочери The actress gave the first big interview about the family tragedy. Julia admitted that the health of her daughters to say something definite yet possible.

      Юлия Высоцкая откровенно рассказала о состоянии дочери

      Since the terrible accident, which was attended by the family of Andrei Konchalovsky, it’s been a year and a half. 12 Oct 2013 rented the Director of “Mercedes” at the wheel which was the Andrey Sergeyevich, collided with another car in the South of France. The car was fourteen-year-old daughter Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya Mary. The girl was not wearing a seat belt and received serious head injury. The child was instantly taken by helicopter to a hospital in Marseilles, where he was placed in a superficial coma. For many months doctors fight for Masha’s life, and her parents continue to stubbornly believe that everything will work out.

      Daughter Julia Vysotsky and Andrei Konchalovsky came out of a coma

      For a long time the parents of the injured girl did not comment on family tragedy. Were only exceptional cases where Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya, spoke about the incident, but they did it to protect his beloved daughter from the excessive attention of journalists. In may 2014 on the official website of the Director on “Facebook” there has been a call to ignore other people’s speculation and a statement that Masha gradually, but steadily out of a serious injury.” In November of the same year, the Network appeared a video message in which Julia thanked the public for their support.

      Julia Vysotskaya about the health of his daughter: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly”

      Юлия Высоцкая откровенно рассказала о состоянии дочери

      More information about the whereabouts of her daughter, her condition and the treatment process Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya gave. For the first time the actress and TV presenter decided to give details about a family tragedy in an interview with Tatler magazine. In an interview, Julia spoke about how her life has changed since the day of the unfortunate accident as it revised its Outlook on the environment, social networks and in General on their life.

      The actress admitted that her new life is almost no space left to old friends, accustomed to see her happy, smiling and far from any problems. According to Julia, she would like to preserve and protect their world from prying eyes. “People don’t want to sound unsympathetic. But many of them are part of the life that ended for me – frankly said Vysotsky. – An additional reminder. My wound is not closed and not closed never.

      Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

      In the life of the actress there are only four closest friends, who invariably know everything that happens in her family. These people are daily helping her. All four of them succeeded each other at the bedside of her daughter Masha in the period when Yulia had to play shows. From other friends, the actress chose to isolate themselves. “A when I was never able to recover,” continues Julia. – I understand that I need to thank for support, assistance, but not strong enough”.

      In a completely unexpected light Vysotskaya, in her confessions, saw Nikita Mikhalkov. The Director has paid special attention to the tragedy of the family and surrounded the parents of Masha’s support and concern. “Never seen them with the brother was so concerned for the children, it was always not up to them. And now Nikita comes to Masha, sits down next to her bed, kisses her, tickles moustache. For my husband he’s probably looking for some words, I – just hugs good”, – says Julia Vysotskaya.

      Юлия Высоцкая откровенно рассказала о состоянии дочери

      Status daughter the actress says very carefully, trying not to go into details. To answer, in the minds of Mary, the avatar can not. According to her, this is a very difficult question. “No doctor it is not the answer,” explains 41-year-old girl’s mother. – Coma is different and everyone runs different. There are moments when she’s with me, sometimes I don’t understand. That seems to be happening something, and we are very happy. Expect repetition, but it is not. But it happens something else. Everything is going…slowly. We said from the beginning that the recovery will be very long. And it’s an endless job – and Masha, and our… Hard to understand if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am constantly working on myself to see him. And to convince all that he is. Nowhere and never to be broadcast discouragement! Everything within a radius of five kilometers from the Machine room should be filled with the energy of creation.

      Interestingly, the whereabouts of the daughter of a celebrity chose to remain silent. The actress sure has to protect his family from unwanted attention of strangers. “I would like to keep it a secret. Understand, I am worried that the people who surround us, will use any means to extract information. Why provoke them in the manifestation of the instincts?” – explains Popov.

      Special attention in an interview Julia gave the conversation about your spouse. For anybody not a secret that in the time of the accident driving the car was that he. The actress admitted that she is hard to talk about how does Andrei Konchalovsky guilt, but she knows that if not for the work, to cope with what had happened to him would have been much more difficult. “I have no right to answer for her husband, to judge his guilt. I think I am with him much more openly, than he is with me, – continues the spouse of the Director. – I guess that’s female nature: words to determine its condition and seems to be getting easier. His male personality is not like that. He is a private man, even from himself. But he works a lot, a lot of crazy. Sleeps three or four hours. One project after another. Three scenarios at the same time. Endlessly giving lectures to students. He was always a workaholic. Today he is interested in cultural studies, people, Czechs and so on. If not for the work, he would, of course, was harder. Do I blame him? He is very unique. I do not think that his wisdom is acquired. He’s not even a wise man, namely, that the wise soul. I can hear and understand. He got very affected. If it were another man, perhaps I would have behaved differently. Here is no place for pointless recriminations and feelings of guilt.”

      This year, actress and Director will celebrate 19 years of marriage. According to Vysotskaya, at the time she married a very ambitious, unique person. The presenter sure Konchalovsky itself becomes another. “He’s one of those men that don’t get tired,” says the wife of Vysotsky. – It is not primitive. He did not zamylivaetsya eyes. Maybe thirty years ago it was different. But now, if I look good, he five times a day will say: “you are beautiful”. And if I tortured to say: “Go all figs, it is necessary to sleep”. He sees everything. It is interesting to. Or maybe it’s just love. This year we have nineteen years together.”

      Also, the actress said that after a family tragedy changed his views on his own life. Vysotsky admitted that he regrets that first actively engaged in social networks, talking to other people about their joy, about happiness and family well-being. For subscribers of the star was used to seeing in her posts, such hashtags as #Segodnyashnyaya or #taknebivaet. However, the era of “Instagram” for Vysotskaya’s over. The artist did a lot of insights on this. “Then I sincerely felt that healthy, happy, normal family is well – said Vysotsky. – She’s a part of me, without it I can’t think for themselves I was ready to share. Starred in the relevant is – juice producers wanted family halo. But now I think the theme of family is closed forever, regardless of the light at the end of the tunnel, about which I still know what it is. I even told my friends: “you don’t need to “Instagram”. It is not necessary to tell more well. If it’s marketing – and then act from the point of view of marketing. I missed the moment when it was necessary to cease to give joy. It was better to keep it. I lost the line where your, and where not. Universal access… In the media it is necessary to filter. But this should be a very experienced person. My experience has given me a serious price.”

      Now is the time Julia Vysotskaya is still working. Actress and TV presenter is actively working on their own projects, trying to distract and convince myself that life is not stopped and it is now more necessary than ever to believe the best. Julia resumed their classes in the Bikram method of yoga, which carried away a few years ago, got a dog named Krug, and continued work on his own restaurant business. According to the actress, she had to make a lot of conclusions, to think carefully over how she had behaved and what he said to other people. “Everything that happened to me, it seems to me today the answer to the fate of my phrases and actions-openly stated Julia. – I constantly find myself thinking: “didn’t need to say it, didn’t need to do that.” And this here is the famous Chekhov’s phrase “it is Necessary to live… Three years ago Andrew S. asked the actors on camera to say what they think about Chekhov, about their roles. There is an entry where I somehow, with trembling voice say: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live.” Happier than me at that moment, the man was not. It’s inexplicable. Rather, it says only that…a close friend of mine recently spoke with an astronaut. The astronaut told him, that there’s “definitely something there”. On the one hand, it is alarming. On the other – gives hope. We have to live…”

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