Friend Glagoleva remembered about her condition before leaving to Germany

Подруга Глаголевой вспомнила о ее состоянии перед отъездом в Германию A friend came to visit her shortly before departure. According to her, Vera Glagoleva for the past few years have seen abroad. Actress and Director had hoped that it sees going to be successful.

On 16 August it became known that retired from the life of the famous actress and Director Vera Glagoleva. She was 61 years old. She died in Germany, where he went to undergo treatment at the clinic. Despite the fact that for a long time, the relatives denied her illness, now they don’t hide it – the woman was suffering from cancer. Nonetheless, the family does not explain which organs were cancerous.

Friends Glagoleva admitted that she was not in the habit to complain about his health, and to share the problems with others. Even if some friends didn’t know about the disease, the spouse and children was aware of what was happening with her health. One friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters that he saw in what condition Vera Vitalyevna flew to Germany.

“They called me and said, come. I went. Faith was bad. Gathered her suitcase. Cyril – her husband already bought tickets and booked a hospital in Germany. It is all these years there was observed. I put them in the car and said: “Verochka, I believe!” She looked at me with some sad strong eyes and said, “I’m Faith, then all will be well!” – remembered friend.

Few could believe that Vera Glagoleva was seriously ill. In July she went to the wedding of the youngest daughter Nastasia Subsky. The actress is happy that she has created a family and approve of the choice of the successor, which linked their lives with a hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. In celebration of celebrity never said that with her health that something is wrong. She along with all the guests danced and had fun. Then the singer Katya LEL, who was present at the ceremony, talked about the fact that I noticed the tears on the face of Anne of Nahapetova. Only with time she realized that, perhaps, the oldest daughter had a premonition of imminent death of the mother.

Portrait of Vera Glagoleva: strong, strict and sentimental

According to the publication “the Source”, spouse Glagoleva Kirill shubsky who paid for her treatment. On parting, which took place last Saturday in the cinema House, arrived and first husband Glagoleva Rodion Nahapetov.