Wheelchair met face to face with the enemy after the trial

Инвалид-колясочник встретился лицом к лицу с противником после суда Anton Mamaev Dmitry Malov appeared in Studio “Let speak”. Not so long ago the whole country was outraged by the story, when a man with muscular atrophy was accused of extortion and robbery. Despite the fact that he was released from prison for health reasons, man still serving his sentence in prison.
Инвалид-колясочник встретился лицом к лицу с противником после суда

In mid-July this year, the public was stirred up from the high profile case: wheelchair Anton Mamaev was allegedly extorted from a two-person scooter. The plaintiffs appealed to the court and told that the men had received threats – he promised in case of disobedience to shoot out the knees, put me in the trunk and take it into the woods. Many believed this situation is paradoxical, as Anton since the childhood suffers from muscle atrophy and weighs 18 pounds. In the end, Anton was convicted and sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment for robbery, but he stayed in jail long – he was released for health reasons, and his friend Basil is still serving a sentence. Today, the program “Let them say” the man came face to face with his accusers. Convicted for robbery in a wheelchair Anton Mamaev was released from jail

“Supposedly I was able to mentally subdue two people and that they fear the impact of my words, threats, gave me a scooter. And after some time they said not with threats, with weapons and people,” said Mamaev about the court decision.
Инвалид-колясочник встретился лицом к лицу с противником после суда

One of victims Dmitry Malov said that I was helping a buddy repair of motor vehicles. He admitted that to him in the Studio was often approached by people who wanted a certain Mikhail Noskov. The man did not know him personally. However, some time later, Dmitri found out that there was a conflict and his companion began to threaten, as I couldn’t find a wanted man.

“Michael is one of the people who was in front of me debt. But he was repaid,” explained Anton.
Инвалид-колясочник встретился лицом к лицу с противником после суда

Despite the fact that in the hands of Mamayev there is a contract of sale of scooter, Malov tells about the pressure during the signing of the document. “The visit took place at around four o’clock in the morning. I was at work, had urgent business,” he told the star that aroused the suspicions of experts in the Studio.

The independent counsel conducted its own investigation. He tried to bring clarity to a complicated case. However, the man said that this situation reminds him of the clash of interests in the work. A wheelchair user is currently engaged in beach business.

“They tell you the truth you’ll never say, even if you check the beach and the garage,” – said Alexander Tolmachev.

Experts wonder why Anton came to negotiate the sale of the scooter in a fairly late hour – 22.30. This is confirmed by the time that was recorded on the surveillance camera. However, other guests in the Studio did not see anything strange.