Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез Young people became heroes of the program “really”. Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova met face-to-face to ask each other the most pressing and provocative questions. In the program also appeared the ex-wife of the actor Larissa Kopenkina.
Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез

Singer Prokhor Chaliapin and his ex-girlfriend Anna Kalashnikova have become the heroes of the program “really”. Young people are not afraid to take a lie detector to ask each other pointed questions. The relationship of artist and model is far from ideal. Recently, Anna has lost the child, but Prokhorov accused her of PR in pregnancy. Kalashnikov, however, refutes the statements of the contractor. The model said that it has all necessary documents confirming its innocence.

The Studio program is also remembered made a lot of noise on air “Let them talk”, in which he announced the results of the DNA examination. It showed that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the father son Anna Kalashnikova Daniel. Remembering transmission, the model said that the singer force dragged her to the shooting that TV show. According to the young women, Prokhorov promised her I will tear the envelope with the test. Chaliapin did not deny that he actually said those words.

“I needed to hold DNA. I really needed to know if it’s my child or not. She didn’t want to do DNA, even though I offered. I can say that at first I was fascinated by Anna, but over time I realized that she is. Yes, it was manipulation. But I’m not ashamed of it because I had no other choice,” he justified singer.
Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез

Dmitry Shepelev invited the artist to apologize to a former lover, but he refused. “She (Anna) is generally used to manipulate, it Napoleon psycho” – said Prokhorov. “It turns out that you really behaved shockingly. Well, because not a man,” said the presenter.

Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез“I don’t need an excuse. I live as you see fit. And build my life according to his inner needs. By the time I changed my attitude to Anna for a number of reasons that I don’t want to sound. At that time, for me it was important to make sure that this child is not mine. Incidentally, at the time the case went to the wedding. I just didn’t give the opportunity to use a… Yes, I’m selfish and love myself. I believe that every person should love himself,” said Chaliapin.
Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез

When the singer commented on his behavior, Anna Kalashnikov suddenly burst into tears. “No, don’t look. Provoke you” – said the expert-polygraph Sabina Pantus. At the same time Shepelev drew attention to the fact that the pulse model is more than 140 beats per minute. The moderator noted that Anna’s really worried. Later, Mr stated that he believes in the sincerity of the emotions of the heroine of the transmission.

Kalashnikov wanted to know if I loved him Shalyapin of his son. Prokhorov responded in the affirmative, but experts have criticized artist in lying. “I love him just like a baby,” explained the young man.

Прохор Шаляпин довел Анну Калашникову до слез

Then the Studio came ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin Larisa Kopenkina. Businesswoman has shared his point of view on what is happening in the Studio. The woman admitted that she sympathizes with the model. “Anna, I understand that you’re hiding your man. You fear for your life?” asked Kopenkina. Larisa explained that he has in mind not only the father of the son Kalashnikova Daniel, but her current boyfriend. The young woman told he did not want to say the name of the parent of Daniel, so as not to create unnecessary problems.

“The father of my child – absolutely other people. When we broke up with the father of Daniel, I didn’t know I was pregnant. He was, and still is a very influential person. He had problems with the business. He flew out of the country, and that our relationship was over. I tried to inquire. I know he lives abroad, and he was not in Russia,” said Anna.

Larissa Kopenkina asked a model why she contacted her son Yuri Bezzubova. Candid photoshoot of Anne and heir Larissa made a lot of noise in the Network. Fans quickly figured out that the photographs depicted a close relative of the businesswoman. But Anna has denied rumors that he wanted to take revenge on ex-lover Prochorus. Experts have confirmed the truthfulness of the words Kalashnikova.

At the same time, Larisa believes that Anna faked a pregnancy for PR. Kopenkina agree with Chaliapin, who initially doubted the interesting position of the model. “Ani, I’m sorry, but I believe Prokhorov,” – said the businesswoman. However, the polygraph said that Kalashnikov was not lying, talking about the loss of a child. “Unfortunately, I don’t believe it,” said the singer in the final transmission.