Подруга Дарьи Донцовой спасла ее от онкологии The writer said in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi about how he overcame this terrible disease. Today Darya Dontsova itself already helps millions of women to cope with cancer.

Darya Dontsova liked by the readers for its fascinating detectives in her works of the series were filmed, who was so excited about the audience. However, Dontsova long concealed from readers that I had cancer 4th stage.

The writer was three times married. However, believes that only latest husband, Professor Alexander Ivanovich really found happiness. Doncova told Boris Korchevnikov and of first love – a married French entrepreneur. He was an older writer for 20 years. The man promised to divorce his wife and be with Daria. However, he soon chose to return to France, and more in Moscow did not return. Daria had a hard time parting with first love, she thought that the Frenchman threw her.

“I met him here in Moscow. I was then sent to the international exhibition – to work as a translator, I’m fluent in French. And he was one of the guests of the exhibition. This could sadly be the end for me, but nothing happened,” – said Dontsov.

In the mid-80’s series still received a letter from France. She wrote the wife of the very man. It turned out that the man divorced her and was going to come back to Daria. However, crashed in an accident.

Today Daria helps many cancer patients people cope with a terrible disease. In the program “the Destiny of man” the writer said that helped her fully recover and get to his feet. Dontsova has told, that first thought about the health problems in 1998. She and her family flew to rest in Tunisia. When Daria, being in the women’s locker room and put on her swimsuit, her friend, a doctor by training, drew attention to her Breasts. The woman advised Dontsova immediately to return to Moscow and get tested. At the first appointment, the doctor told the writer that she had cancer and 4 th stage.

“I came out of this hospital. I became hysterical, snot, tears. I sat at the bus stop. I have three children, grandmother, mother-in-law and mother, at that time a young man, Professor. Who will stay with them?” – remembered Daria.

Then the writer decided that a family will be able to take care of her close friend. Today Dontsova with humor recalls that period. But then I almost went mad from the realization that she was to live for a few months.

Doctors performed the final surgery, after which the woman ought to undergo several cycles of chemotherapy. At this time her husband came palaturismo Alexander. He brought his beloved wife slips, a pen and – advised the series to start writing.

“You always wanted to write a book – write.” The first 150 pages I wrote about two weeks. And then they cannot stop already”, shared Daria.

Dontsova believes that surviving cancer is possible even at the last stage. To the writer, people come from different cities and countries. Autograph, written in her hand, is considered lucky.