Сергей Горобченко попал в больницу The actor was urgently hospitalized. According to some, he became ill at home. Relatives brought him to a medical facility. The artist himself said that he had pancreatitis.
Сергей Горобченко попал в больницу

The star of the movie “national security Agent” Sergey Gorobchenko was hospitalized. The man was taken to the hospital by his relatives. Some media reported that he lost consciousness, being at home.

Later, the actor himself got in touch with the fans. He wrote a post on the page in a social network, uploading a picture from the chamber.

“Pancreatitis is a delicate matter. So defined. With each can. Was getting ready to take the test, and drove to the hospital. Well, things! The doctors say, food, holidays, alcohol, nerves. I’m not an alcoholic, I can drink, but it was quite. Food is also not Gestel. Remains nerves. Plus the holidays. Thank you friends, took the pen and brought! Treatment: cold, hunger and peace! Do not get sick, please!” – said Sergey.
Сергей Горобченко попал в больницу

Fans Gorobchenko wish him recovery and I advise you to start out in the gym. “Everything will be okay!” “Get well”, “Sad, of course. Well, nothing of this is to live. Be brave, Sergey”, “Pancreatitis is no joke. But cold, hunger. In the future a special diet and you’ll be right!” “Strength, patience,” wrote in the comments of the fans and friends of Sergei.

Later, the actor left a long post in the blog where we described in detail their condition.

“Yesterday morning wasn’t feeling well, was on the eve of the flight, the gym, working time, little sleep, also began to see the diet from the extra carbs is to freshen up after the festive meal. Anyway, yesterday morning, while in Moscow, got out of bed and somehow poplohelo. Darkened in eyes, lost for a moment consciousness and fell. Before such never was. Immediately thought that weakness from low carb eating. The fuel is over. Then I realized that is the temperature. Called doctors recommend to come. Bought vitamins, ate lunch again muddying. Went to the hospital. Did all the tests – computed tomography of the head, stomach, heart, blood sugar, nerves, ENT, all on a quick research of the surface – normal. Very high white blood cells. Some beacons have focused on the pancreatitis. Today this diagnosis is cleared, the temperature went back to normal, the dynamics in the positive leukocytes. What was it? I think I’ll figure it out. Fatigue, strains, nerves, festive food, don’t know. Gonna stay a couple days in the hospital, sleep and eat mode. I have a rest. Conclusions already made, will voiced,” – said Sergey.

The star of the films “Bumer” and “Officers” turned in last year 45 years old. However, he tries to lead an active way of life, to always look young. As recognized by the artist “StarHit”, he visits the fitness center, winter skating, and also goes on the box.

“Without sports and movement do not represent life. When there is a pause in the classroom, I feel like starting to physically fade away. So, if there’s a breakdown or something goes wrong, go back to training. It will save” – shared Sergey.

Recall, Gorobchenko grow three sons and two daughters. First Gleb was born, when Sergei was in a relationship with Alexandra Florinsky, the other four children were born to the marriage of the artist with Polina Nevzorova. This year a couple will celebrate the anniversary of living together. “We listen to each other. Thanks to my wife I became more compliant. Understand that many things can be solved without fighting and conflict. Sometimes it is better not to beat my head against the wall, and later, the situation on the brakes. Then go to the open door, when things calm down, and put everything in its place. It certainly works, but it takes patience and animanaturalis of this approach in resolving conflict of the moment” – shared Gorobchenko secrets of a happy marriage. Sergey Gorobchenko: “all in the family – be faithful to each other”