Скончался известный участник КВН The famous comedian, who played for the team of Novosibirsk state University, passed away on Tuesday. Numerous colleagues and friends of Vladimir Duda condolences to his family. A few days ago a man was hospitalized with a stroke.
Скончался известный участник КВН

Well-known member of the KVN team member of the Novosibirsk state University Vladimir Duda died in his native city from a stroke. The sad news was shared by his girlfriend Tatyana Lazareva. The presenter brought condolences to relatives of the men. According to Lazarus, friends tried to do everything possible to help him.

Vladimir passed away on Tuesday, January 16. Some time ago he was in intensive care. The former participant of KVN had the surgery.

“Today we lost our Dylan Duda. Stroke. After the surgery and all the possible measures, which were capable doctors in Novosibirsk, did everything needed and everything I could. We are not doctors, from different parts of the world tried to stop him, asked, begged, prayed, but where there is decided, then. It’s like… insulting or something, – said Lazarev. – Well, as always. Vovk was absolutely non-conflict person, so sometimes, Yes, I have rarely seen in my life. Good, funny and very kind and decent. It’s funny that it took the cat of my mother after her death. Some unhappy cat. And years.”
Скончался известный участник КВН

In the official community on Facebook KVN published an article devoted to Vladimir. “Sad for the Planet KVN news. In Novosibirsk died Vladimir Duda – captain of the legendary team of Novosibirsk state University. The international Union of KVN brings condolences to relatives”, – said the representatives of the club.

Social media users joined in the condolences of friends of Vladimir. They wished him to rest in peace. “It’s Impossible”, “can Not be”, “in memory of”, “Best entertainer presents,” “the fall of the world best pictures”, “Sorry”, “Ground down”, – commented on the Internet. A fan of television Comedy games Jan Hagan wrote a touching post, in which he shared his memories of the Dude.

“The local team of KVN 80-90 intensified: gone to Mr Duda. The superstar of the team-the stars of the NSU, which I think is the best in the history of the club. Three-time champion of the Higher League. The player of national team of the CIS. A brilliant club Manager who knew how to roll a phrase a joke, but a joke in the bomb. Unsurpassed host of “Blue lights”. When three-time Champions retired, Vovk, it is not only a vocalist, but as a captain a few years later brought on stage the Tower a new generation of players, among whom was Alexander Pushnoy and 11-year-old Pelagia” he said.

Vladimir Duda studied at the mechanical-mathematical faculty of Novosibirsk state University. The team of the institution several times became the champion of the higher League games.