Ales Kafelnikov decided on a public confession

Алеся Кафельникова решилась на публичную исповедь The model spoke about the struggle with severe addiction. Some time ago, Ales Kafelnikov came out of a rehab clinic, where she was placed close to people. Because of the problems girl drug her threw the guy. In addition, Alesya refused to work.
Алеся Кафельникова решилась на публичную исповедь

19-year-old daughter Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales gave a Frank interview to the glossy publication, telling about the hard struggle with drug addiction, depression, and the breakup with rapper Pharaoh. Last fall, the young model has disappeared from social networks, which provoked rumors of her serious problems. It was said that Alesia treated in a psychiatric hospital and suffering from panic attacks. A few months later, the girl decided to break the silence and start talking about the difficulties she has faced.

According to Alesya, she started cutting in childhood, when she studied in a British boarding school. Kafelnikov was hard to do to find a common language with their peers. The psychologist diagnosed the daughter of tennis player depression and anorexia. Over time, Alesya came to join the company of peers – so-called representatives of the “Golden youth”. Career of a young model is also beginning to go uphill. While in London, she first tried drugs. Then Kafelnikov met Pharaoh rapper (real name – Gleb Golubin) thanks to social networks. Soon among young men struck up a romance. Friends Yevgeny Kafelnikov responded negatively to the passion of his heir.

“How can you judge a person without knowing him? He [Hleb Holubyn] never give me a mother. And I’ve never seen him use. And I tried, but Gleb did not know about. In October last year dad decided to test me for drugs. So he found out. (…) Dad could not calm down, blamed Gleb and crazy phrase: “Take the test” – says the model.
Алеся Кафельникова решилась на публичную исповедь

Kafelnikov had a fight with his father and moved in with the boyfriend. The athlete blocked cards daughter and took her driver. Drugs from Alesya had problems in the relationship with Gleb.

“Everything was bad. With the glib we could not establish a relationship, but tried. Internal void demanded immediate filling anything: food, parties, people, adrenaline, work. When it became boring, I started doing without a pause. Then I had an overdose. (…) When I woke up, the hand was sticking out of the dropper, close to sobbing grandma and friend. They told me that I barely pumped, his mouth was foaming,” said Kafelnikov.

The doctors gave Ales the diagnosis of “Psychosis and bipolar disorder”. The girl was admitted to hospital for two months. The model is expecting that Hleb will go to her, but the young man never wrote. According to Kafelnikov, she was really in love with the chosen one. Parting with Pigeon was given to Ales extremely difficult.

During the conversation with reporters, she admitted that trying to establish a relationship with the father. After Yevgeny Kafelnikov wrote on Twitter about the problems of his daughter, turned away from her international modeling Agency IMG, who worked with many stars of the runway, including Kate moss, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr. At one time psychologists have even feared that communication with the parent will bring Ales to a nervous breakdown.

“Father is trying to build with me. It is difficult for both of us. We are still different people. But I am grateful for dad because he locked me in the clinic. He didn’t abandon me. Pay for the treatment. Understanding that I really loved and was always trying to protect, it’s such a bizarre way. Mom and I also say a big thank you,” said the girl
Алеся Кафельникова решилась на публичную исповедь

Now she attends the group of narcotics anonymous. According to Alesya, the most important is the mode. So as not to break the model loads itself matters, preferring to concentrate to the point of exhaustion in the gym. The daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov also receives education at the correspondence Department of the Financial Academy and the School of television “Ostankino”. Next month she, along with psychologists planning to organize a support group for those who are faced with similar problems.

“I think about girls like me. Who cut themselves and do drugs. Those of us who are hidden in the sleeves of their pain, a lot. I’d like to help them. (…) Now I have a chance to start life with a clean slate, another person consciously. I have no career, no personal life. But there’s still pain and resentment on dad. The first time I have”, – said Ales with Tatler magazine.