Stepdaughter of Boris Khimichev has filed a claim of his illegitimate daughter

Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери Cousin of the famous artist can not reconcile the contradictions arising between them. Ballerina Darya Ganicheva is seeking to be recognized as the successor of Boris Khimichev. But those close to the actor believe that the girl is run by vested interests.
Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери

Ballerina Darya Ganicheva trying to prove that she is the daughter of actor Boris Khimichev, who passed away in 2014 from an inoperable brain cancer. Earlier the girl did a DNA test that confirmed her relationship with the artist. In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” stepdaughter Himicheva Elena Dmitrieva, to which it belonged to the mother of the heir, said Ganichevoy.

The daughter of Boris Khimichev is fighting for the recognition of kinship with him

Says Ganicheva, father insisted on a DNA test and was going to rewrite her will, but did not. Now Daria has to obtain recognition of kinship through the courts. At the same time, the stepdaughter of the famous artist denies such statements. According to Elena, Khimichev, on the contrary, doubted the relationship with Ganichevoy, but it was not there when he struggled with a serious illness.

“Probably for the first time about its existence mom said. She didn’t want to know about it. When my mother died, we worried much. Maybe he wanted to find someone close, someone to take her place. We proposed to invite a daughter to us, but he refused. Said: “No, she’s got another life. Do not let her to us. This man did not become close to me, I don’t understand. If she wants something, I help,” said the stepdaughter stars.
Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери

Daria noted that everyone has their own truth. The girl believes that the party could take offense at it. “When my father died the wife Galina, my mother buried my brother. Then I was very upset that he lost the uncle Seryozha. Each was in his pseudo – father and my mother”, – said the ballerina.

During the meeting with Andrei Malakhov, held before the filming of the broadcast transmission, step Himicheva told about the act Daria, rathnavale relatives of the artist. According to Elena, the girl refused to go to the funeral of his father, wanting to stay longer at his grave, but then gave an interview to the cemetery. In addition, Dmitrieva outraged that Ganicheva published the pictures taken when Boris was dying.

“Don’t even know what to call it. I can’t forgive her that she was dragged into the light of his recent form. I wanted Boris was still beautiful to be remembered as he was in life, – explained Elena. – In fact, he was able at any moment to make DNA. But he didn’t say: “What I dad?” And she’s calling him that, tried to settle down. If it came to him why there’s no pictures?”
Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери

Step-daughter of the artist recalls that he very strongly was ill, and Ganicheva did not attempt to go out with a man in the relationship. “When I learned about it, it is not immediately believed. Professor Szymanski said: “He stayed three months.” During all this time while he was in the hospital, I didn’t see her. I never heard what he was talking about her. She appeared only when he has left quite a bit”. As stated Darya, she didn’t know about the severe illness of his father.

Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери“I called about a month. Every day. But could not get through. When he was discharged, I called the housekeeper and told that dad was dying. Then I sat beside his bed,” said the girl.

Lydia Ganicheva, mother Darya, also appeared in the Studio. According to the woman, a celebrated actor, often came to her on the car. Close Lydia regularly seen Khimichev at her house, but the second family star chose not to do the joint photos. The actor himself in an interview, complained that he could not get close to your daughter.

Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери“He [Boris Khimichev] married not the other, when I was pregnant. He said he never will not leave us. You think we are offended? No. He was a good person, a normal father. I gave him all of his life he came and cried to me,” said the mother of Daria Lydia.
Падчерица Бориса Химичева предъявила претензии его внебрачной дочери

The woman also attacked with accusations at the representatives of the family Himicheva. Assistant friends of the artist on the farm Tatiana Timokhina sure Ganicheva guided by vested interests. She also questioned the reliability of the DNA test, to establish the relationship of Daria with a famous actor. However, the mother of the ballerina Lydia opposed Timokhina.

“He was even afraid to drink out of your hands, thought that he was poisoned. And about the house he said: “I Want it smashed to pieces.” Lena is a coward, let him choke on that legacy. Her mother left nothing” – emotionally said the woman.

In turn, Dmitriev denies that she got a fabulous inheritance. “After his death, I was embroiled in a series of trials and examinations. They list a home in Cyprus and villas in Spain, I don’t know where they got it,” says the woman. At the same time, Daria also said that she doesn’t need the money of a famous father. According to Ganichevoy, it doesn’t conflict with the stepdaughter of the artist. “I never swore. And not going to do it” – shared the girl. Ballerina wants to be recognized as the daughter of Himicheva.