Freaked out: Kanye West blonde

Психанул: Канье Уэст стал блондином

After a nervous breakdown, the musician was repainted.

More than two weeks the husband of Kim Kardashian was in a neuropsychiatric hospital, which came after a nervous breakdown in the gym. Kanye then something suddenly attacked with fists on the coach in the gym. Even got visitors.

The security reacted instantly, the incident is immediately reported to the doctor in Kanye, and the star out of the courtroom in handcuffs because he resisted.

17 West days spent in the hospital. All the time there were rumors that his wife Kim Kardashian’s filing for divorce because of insanity of the spouse, but it seems the squabbles have calmed down. Now Kanye is slowly coming back to normal life. He was discharged, and the musician even went public, however, is not the way we remember him.

West visited the exhibition in West Hollywood, which came not brown, blond, or yellow hair.

New image by fans took the ambiguous. One thought Kanye very much to face it a new color, so to speak, is refreshing. Others worried that such a radical change is the signs still unstable mental state.

And you these metamorphoses remind nobody? Having learned about the decision of her husband to divorce Olga Buzova, too, without thinking twice, the blonde became a brunette. Apparently, this behavior is inherent not only to women, but also creative men. Let’s hope that a new hairstyle will help Kanye to bring stability.