And you weak? 54-year-old Russian, in the cold walks in sandals and shorts

А вам слабо? 54-летняя россиянка в морозы гуляет в босоножках и шортах

It is called a real snow Maiden and snow Queen Togliatti.

Some people marvel at her courage and hardiness, others escorted a puzzled look, and she Kuterevo Galina explains that it’s a great and easy way as long as possible to preserve youth and beauty.

In fact, looking at this slender and fragile woman, will not believe that it has long been exchanged sixth decade.

It is no secret that low temperature has a beneficial have a rejuvenating effect – tighten and tone the skin. Increases blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and blood vessels. But, of course, require training and consultation with the doctor. The beauty of the popular methods include cold and other beauty services. Galina found a great way to replace expensive anti-aging treatments.

For residents of Tolyatti, the appearance of a real snow Maiden in the most severe frosts in light summer dresses is no longer news. About Galina has already filmed scenes on Federal channels, she gladly shared their secrets of youth and beauty. For several years, the woman adheres to a separate food and fasting days.

Neither sleet, nor snow will force Galina to change the shoes in comfortable shoes or boots on a flat sole. Only heels and studs! Looking at figure Togliatti maiden can only envy – not every woman would allow themselves to 54 years old to wear mini shorts and a short skirt!

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