Четыре популярных образа с юбкой-пачкой из фатина 2018

Many ladies are still trying to repeat the image of fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the city”. Her outfit was simple and concise – tank top soft pink color and “highlight” the white skirt tutu. Series stylist Patricia field found a full skirt at a flea market and realized that can not go past it. For six seasons the main character is complementary images of light and fluffy skirt. Despite its simplicity, this “look” became very popular, including skirts, tutus, which can be combined with various wardrobe items.
Skirt of tulle is a versatile piece that complements any look and make it festive. The item gives along of boldness and showiness! Despite the extravagance, the fluffy skirt should be in every girl’s wardrobe, because it is a very long time not go out of fashion. To purchase the fashion thing in the online store NiaMia the link http://niamia.ru. Lush tutu skirt, feminine skirt and not magnificent skirt of stretch tulle sure to make the image bright!


Definitely, combine the skirt with the tutu tops are better in the warm season, and if it becomes cool or out scheduled for tonight, the outfit can be supplemented with a jacket, Bolero or cardigan. Very trendy crop tops, that is “cropped”. If the original top is a Frank staple, the skirt will add to it of femininity and modesty.
You can go to the website and to pick up any bright top skirt tutu.
In 2018 are very fashionable these tops:

  • Pleated;
  • Peplum;
  • Wave;
  • One shoulder;
  • Fringe.


T – shirt staple that every girl. They are very often bored, because worn daily. Very often I want to add to your outfit brightness and showiness. The skirt is made of tulle would be excellent for the task. Versatile skirt (black or white) will go with any shirt.


First of all, the lace skirt is airy and gentle. That is why many stylists combine skirt of tulle with lace tops or t-shirts. In combination, two things will look very gently. In this way it is possible to go on a date with a young man, or stand in front of the cameras at a photo shoot.


The cold time is not a problem for lovers of fashion and bright outfits. Skirt the tutu is made of tulle can be combined with light sweaters and jackets. In knitted sweaters possible to look stylish and feminine. With the same sweater you can come up with unique images. A jacket you can fill in a skirt. Depending on the weather complement an outfit with cardigans and jackets.

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