Four advantages of bed linen from calico

Четыре преимущества постельного белья из бязи

From bedding directly affects the quality of sleep, as you know, in my entire life, the average person sleeps from 15 to 30 years. It is therefore very important from childhood to ensure proper and healthy sleep, because during relaxation the body restores.
Before you buy the linen yourself or your child in a person the question arises – what material to choose? It needs to be safe, to efficiently perform their functions, to have long life. Cost is also a lot of important, after all, not everyone can afford expensive materials. For example, an expensive silk looks great and pleasant to the body, but requires careful care! Requiring high quality and low price, pay attention to calico. This is a special kind of weaving thick cotton threads. It is a natural hypoallergenic material, and due to the thickness and weave will last for years.

Low cost

Calico is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of linen. The whole thing in a relatively low cost. Despite the low price of bed linen from calico, it has many benefits and is not inferior to other materials. For greater savings possible bed linen from calico wholesale . Purchase linen made of coarse calico in the Internet will also help save money.


As mentioned before, calico is a special weave of thick threads of cotton. In weaving are added various chemicals or additives. This is why calico is safe even for the little ones. Fabric hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation. Due to some roughness on the surface of the material creates the effect of “massage”, because of what improves blood circulation.
The material breathes, evaporates moisture and dries quickly. Due to the characteristics of linen will not give the skin to sweat in hot weather, and in winter will not freeze.

Long life

Thanks to the dense structure of the coarse calico fabric is easily stained and permanently preserve the color. Hostess can not be afraid of it faded, because linen is very long will have an attractive appearance. To buy quality bed linen from Ivanovo calico is available in the online stores.

Not whimsical to use

Unlike expensive materials calico is not whimsical in use. Easy care and fabric “survive” a lot of washings in the washing machine. The material is not particularly wrinkled, after washing, ironed bed linen is not necessary. Linen does not require washing in a delicate cycle and is a standard withstand numerous washing.

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