Где в Киеве качественно загореть

Not everyone can afford a trip to a warm country or at least the opportunity to escape to the beach, and both want to appear in the office with bronze skin. For this, there are services beauty salons and tanning beds, including the portal WoWClub.ua will help you choose the best.

Где в Киеве качественно загореть

How to choose the right tanning bed?

Before you pleasure yourself and to show off a beautiful tan, you should choose a salon to which to turn. First of all, assess the appearance of the cabin, its equipment, because, as a rule, the more presentable the place, the better it serve. Rate the price of services, you can compare it with others: if it is much lower – so the salon is a cheaper means. Pay attention to reviews left by users on wowclub, because they form the rating services and will greatly simplify the search of a good salon that are updated daily in our list. Consult by phone with the Manager of the salon, ask questions about services, about pricing, about how long they are on the market. Don’t hesitate to ask certificates of quality, because it affects Your health!

Professional island sun tanning salon “Bora Bora”

Bora Bora is one of the most popular Kiev salons where you can carefully and professionally to sunbathe. Here comes in horizontal and vertical tanning, and uses a special technique called MegaSun that for a short period of time will make the skin darker than if You a few days visited the city beach. Consultants will help you choose products individually for each skin, will carefully monitor the procedure. Additionally, the salon you can buy hygiene items, such as Slippers, cap and others.

Где в Киеве качественно загореть

Services masters from beauty salon “Emerald”

Salon Emerald is not limited to only the services of tanning. Here you can get a range of services, namely, manicures and pedicures, a professional hairstylist, eyelash extensions and nails, body piercing and permanent makeup, facial treatments and much more. All this will help to improve your appearance, feel more confident and better. The salon uses a form of the sun – the vertical, the value of which is calculated by the managers depending on Your needs.

Где в Киеве качественно загореть

Exotic fun from the Studio “Tropicana”

Tropicana is a professional tanning Studio, which specializiruetsya solely on it. They provide horizontal and vertical type of tan, use quality products from international suppliers. This salon more than a decade on the market has plenty of positive reviews and stylish, original design, and therefore can be safely written to them on admission.

The salon provides an opportunity to buy a membership subscription, and offers discounts for regular visitors.

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