Бывшая жена Валерия Меладзе впервые рассказала о предательстве мужа
First telespoof wife of the famous musician.

Бывшая жена Валерия Меладзе впервые рассказала о предательстве мужа

Valery Meladze with his wife Irina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Former wife of Valery Meladze has broken a decade of silence and
first told how he survived the betrayal of her husband, who went to
the ex-soloist of Viagra Albina Dzhanabaeva. In recognition of Irina, confession,
she gave the reporters of the “New Russian sensations” on NTV
was an opportunity to dump a heavy load off my mind.

“This year will be 10 years history, which occurred in
my life, — says Irina. — Came the moment, when I wanted to
to draw a line. I want to make a point and as the lizard, reset the “tail”, which
interferes in the time of the change of life and move forward.”

On slovam Irina, she could not believe that this
the story happened in her life, because like any loving spouse, and she always
trusted her husband. Never looked at his phone, did not check the pockets and
were not looking for evidence of his infidelities. Their job is considered a comfort
and comfort to the husband, returning home from the tour feel at home quietly.
But at one point, beloved husband changed. “As a loving wife, I
asked questions, — says Irina. — He talked about the trouble at work,
he had a bunch of credits in the Bank… This
lasted for several years, I went to Church, could not understand what was happening.
Thought it was a midlife crisis, thinking about anything other than real

That Valery cheating on her, Irina knew in 2006 at the famous music awards. She waited for him in the auditorium, but on stage he
out the other side, singing the controversial song, “Watch me without you
learned to live…”. Already at home she asked him a question: “What is this
was that?”

“He said that he has relationships on the side
even has a child. To the question “Who?” he said nothing. But that was the case
20 minutes to find out who…”

Irina was asked only one question: “who fucked me? It was
great lady of the heart, when at stake is the family with three children?”

Irina remembered how she appeared in the group.

“She has a very unconvincing way was for the group to
role — said Meladze. — To look without tears it was
hard. I didn’t understand, like all women, how she does there
got. She did not fit in the format, on any criteria… Special voice talents
she had no…. So pathetic, and I was feminine recommended her to lead
a cat on my head — hair. If the clothes were sewn, and that wasn’t down to the hair,
eyebrow makeup — all raised questions of the infinite”.

Later Irina realized that much wrong at the expense of their

“When I began to recall in hindsight, I was
everything is clear, admits the deceived woman. I even, in my opinion,
congratulations on the birth of the child. I was told a story that was allegedly
the guy is a musician, a violinist of some Symphony orchestra…. And I
reason to suspect her of anything was not. I knew it (Albina dzhanabaeva) nervous too much. I didn’t understand the reasons
behavior. There were other participants of this team, and they behaved
quietly. But the citizen dzhanabaeva behaved very nervously.
I saw that her eyes running, she blinks a lot, and I don’t
quite understand the reason of such behavior. It dies when I come…”

Recall, 21
January 2014 Kuntsevsky court of Moscow has satisfied the claim about Valery Meladze
the divorce with his wife Irina. In a statement filed in court, Valery
Meladze said that the couple split up due to the fact that their personal life is not formed. In addition, the singer
said that actually the couple is not living together since 2012. Obstacles to
divorce was not available, as Irina Meladze agreed to divorce.
Any disagreements regarding the division of property and parenting two children at
ex-spouses is not there.

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