Беременная солистка «Инь-Ян» развлекается на вечеринках Singer Tatyana Bogacheva left just a month before the birth, however, she prefers home gatherings meet friends. Not so long ago she attended the event with the participation of colleagues in the Oriental restaurant on Rublevsky highway.

      Беременная солистка «Инь-Ян» развлекается на вечеринках

      Many expectant mothers try to isolate themselves from the noisy parties and spend their days at home, preparing for the birth of the baby. But not in the case of the actress Tatiana Bogacheva. Despite a considerable period (the eighth month), the singer doesn’t miss the opportunity to meet with friends and have fun. So, it has been recently spotted at a party in the Oriental restaurant on Rublevsky highway. 31-year-old singer showed around the rounded belly, eloquently testifying that her firstborn will happen very soon. The child’s father, a colleague of the actress with the “Yin-Yang” Artem Ivanov, accompanied by his beloved at the event.

      At the moment the sex of the baby is unknown, as do Ivanov and Bogachev to register their long-term relationship. The couple Dating since 2007, they met on the project “Factory of stars”. Bogachev later recalled that Ivanov liked her at first sight, he reminded the girl of her favorite footballer David Beckham.

      When the TV was the famous transfer, the whole of Russia, with bated breath, watched relationship, and worry that our young people emotionally repeatedly argued and organized high-profile scandals. For several years after the TV show too, they’ve parted, but quickly reconciled and continued his novel. According to Bogacheva and Ivanova, they try to separate work from personal life. So settle sometimes even in different rooms on tour, so as not to tire of each other.

      Recall that the group “Yin-Yang” – the trio, consisting of Artem Ivanov, Natalya Bogacheva and Sergey Ashihmina. The producer group is Konstantin Meladze. One of the most famous hits “Yin-Yang” is called “don’t Care” video, it received over 14 million views on YouTube. Until 2011 the team was also made by Julia Parshuta, which, as said by the girl herself and other artists, had a strained relationship with colleagues. She left the group, deciding to concentrate on her solo career.

      Previously it was known that another group member is also okay with my personal life. The darling Sergey Ashihmina was the daughter of a former far East Plenipotentiary representative of the President and Vice-President of Rosneft, Viktor Ishayev said. She has two children from his first marriage, Ashikhmin actively involved in their education. The lovers travel a lot, live together, but married, by his own admission, did not think.

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