Опубликовано первое фото младшего сына Андрея Мерзликина Little Makar has already managed to attend a film festival in Spain. Picture fourth child, Andrew Merzlikin and his wife Anna showed a close friend of their family.

      Опубликовано первое фото младшего сына Андрея Мерзликина

      In late January, a famous actor Andrey Merzlikin became a father for the fourth time. Stars wife bore him a son, Makar. And as it turns out, the kid, despite his tender age already had time to visit with mum and dad abroad. Andrew Merzlikin and his wife Anna took the little Makar with you to the festival, which was held in the resort town of Marbella in Spain. And it is here that the heir of the star couple and got into the camera lens.

      A snapshot of a six-Makar with subscribers to his page on “Facebook” shared a friend of the family of Merzlikina, one of the most successful Russian producers Natalia Mokritsky. “We Usually go with steam, Merzlikin, Jr. look to one side,” he signed the picture with the baby in her arms, Natalia Mokritsky.

      It is worth noting that the emergence of Merzlikina, Jr. at the film festival created a furor. Undoubtedly, the presence of so young on the forum made wonderful adjustments, because all the stars will certainly want to see Makar, to hold him in her arms. In short, the heir of the actor has already received the first portion of glory.

      By the way, not so long ago Andrey Merzlikin and his wife Anna celebrated a decade of their marriage. On this occasion, the couple organized a celebration, inviting friends and relatives. Anna Merzlikina met the guests in a pink dress and veil of the same color, because in people decade of married life called tin or pink wedding. It should be noted that family Union of Andrew and Anna of Merzlikina is considered one of the strongest in the Russian film industry. During the long years of work on the set of Andrew has never been seen in any intrigues with colleagues or office romances. Perhaps played a role and that next to him is often his wife. Anna is not only a loving wife of the actor, but also Director and press Secretary. The couple has four children. They grow up two sons and two daughters – 9-year-old son Theodore, 7-year-old daughter Seraphim, 5-year-old daughter Eudoxia and the youngest son Makar, who is not even two months.

      It is noteworthy that unlike many wives star, Anna Merzlikina not advertise its position. On her fourth pregnancy, fans began to suspect only after he began to appear at social events alone. To dispel the rumors about the separation, actor’s wife commented “StarHit”. “I’m pregnant, – admitted Anna. – The term is still small, the fifth month. The baby will be born in January next year. We are all very happy, easy pregnancies – I feel good!”

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